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Denali is wide open during the non-summer months, welcoming adventurous visitors with a plethora of recreation options, as long as one is prepared for winter and possesses an independent spirit.Erin Kirkland
The warming that has covered Alaska this past week has brought thoughts of spring to all of us. Will it be an early spring this year? What the heck, we only had a couple weeks of winter anyway.John Schandelmeier
It was fabulous to get outside, meet new people, and experience something different than what I normally do for winter exercise. No doubt, I’m still a tourist of winter city biking, and have enormous respect for those who bike year round. The thing about this ride was I didn’t feel like a tourist.Alli Harvey
All clam species will be off limits beginning Sunday from the mouth of the Kenai River to Homer to the thousands of diggers who spend time on the beaches with clam shovels and clam guns.Mike Campbell
Alaska State Troopers said they picked up two men Tuesday who had accidentally sent an SOS signal from Red Salmon Lake in Southcentral Alaska a day earlier. A troopers helicopter had previously tried to respond to the signal but turned back due to rough weather.Megan Edge
Warm weather conditions have made for sloppy going, but eight teams arrived in McGrath within an hour of each other. Most of the major contenders are in that pack.Craig Medred

Iron Dog Restart on the water-covered ice of Big Lake on Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015.  Thirty-seven two-person teams plan to cover more than 2,000 miles of Alaska wilderness on their way to Nome with a Fairbanks finish next Saturday.


Craig Medred
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