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Ice-covered lakes are not unusual this time of year in Alaska. What is unusual is the lack of snow on top of the ice, leaving backcountry skaters such as Anchorage’s Kevin Turinsky a little gaga. “Yesterday, we went to Nancy Lake, and the conditions were just sublime," he said.   Brian Brettschneider
Seats on the ever-popular ski train to Curry sold out Monday afternoon, when the last of the 664 tickets were grabbed. Alaska Dispatch News
A 27-year-old Stebbins man was found two days after being reported missing from the Western Alaska community.Laurel Andrews
Hatcher Pass is usually the go-to destination for skiers and snowmachiners looking for a little early-season snow. Not this year. The bubble of warm air parked over Southcentral Alaska has left the pass high in the Talkeetna Mountains bare-sloped and brutally lacking in white. Zaz Hollander

In the early morning hours of November 3, local photographer Kerry Tasker looked out the window to saw the aurora borealis in the sky. At 3 a.m. he headed out to the bluffs in South Anchorage to record this lovely time-lapse of the northern lights.  (Music composed by Anchorage musician Ivan Night).

Alaska Dispatch News


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