Alaska hunters appear to be getting more civilized, more conscientious. Traffic signs along the east end of Denali Highway were erected in 2009-10, so they may have gone five or six years without a hole.   John Schandelmeier
A mauling by a brown bear with cubs Tuesday night near Doroshin Bay, at the north end of Skilak Lake, left Gregory Joseph Matthews with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.Chris Klint

Light snow, a muddy road and an epic landscape awaited holders of permits allowing them to drive though Denali National Park and Preserve last weekend.

Laurel Andrews
Gold Cord Lake is a short hike from Independence Mine on Hatcher Pass Road with modest elevation gains. But the blue mountain lake itself is must-see.Suzanna Caldwell
Autumn is the perfect time for day trips; crowds are few and destinations practically endless. Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate, it’s easy to pack the car, add a few supplies and take off for several hours of Southcentral road tripping.Erin Kirkland

Punk anarchists, subsistence caribou hunting and bikepacking may seem like an unlikely combination, but as Birch Block, one of the founders of Anchorage’s Off The Chain Bicycle Collective says, “We’re not your typical hunting party.”

Tara Young
This fall may be one of the best for Alaska ptarmigan hunters in many years. The early spring, followed by a hot, dry summer, gave the chicks much needed time to feather out.John Schandelmeier
I was delighted by the things around me, my body and its ability to move me around, and the way I noticed my thoughts. I realized it had been a very long time since I’d walked like this, with no express purpose.Alli Harvey
This book is what happens when a survivalist manifesto is written by a proponent of nonviolence and animal rights. The beliefs that violence should be avoided at all costs and that other animals have many or all of the same rights as people are civilized concepts that certainly won’t survive an apocalypse.Rick Sinnott
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