An array of birds are making their way north to their summer grounds in Alaska. John Schandelmeier
Learning to be outside in Alaska has helped me learn to experience life more fully — working within my limitations and not fixating on obstacles.Alli Harvey
Avalanche forecasters at this week’s Arctic Man event near Paxson are warning snowmachiners of especially dangerous conditions and telling them to avoid maneuvers that could prove fatal.Chris Klint
Some of Alaska’s finest snowmachiners, along with skiers and snowboarders from across the country, will gather for the competition, the spectacle and the good times in the Hoodoo Mountains of Interior Alaska.Mike Campbell
Spring in Southcentral Alaska is more than muddy boots, dusty roadways, and bipolar weather. It is a season to embrace what we’re given — and with all sorts of discounts, it can be a money-saving season as well. Erin Kirkland

Photographer and adventurer Luc Mehl set out recently on another epic journey through Alaska: this time it was 150 miles of skating, skiing and hiking from Bethel to Goodnews Bay.

Alaska Dispatch News
Claire Sundgren, 25, "was a good rider" who left behind two boys, ages 7 and 8, and a boyfriend described as the love of her life.Jerzy Shedlock

Campers in the Yukon were forced to ride their snowmachines through six inches of water when a frozen lake turned into a swimming pool of surface water. 

Alaska Dispatch News
Up to 1,600 Alaskans and hundreds of active-duty military members serving in the state will be able to drive the 92-mile Denali Park Road if their entry is picked in the popular lottery. Alaska Dispatch News
The northern lights may be visible as far south as the northern Lower 48 this weekend thanks to a geomagnetic storm heading toward Earth.Laurel Andrews
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