As much about place as play, the forest school movement represents a growing method of educating children outside the boundaries of traditional classrooms. Advocates claim that's particularly important for growing minds and bodies. Erin Kirkland
The once-stodgy, homemade snow-or-sand runner has evolved into everything from sleek commuter to bridled race horse, with price tags to match.Lisa Maloney

This growing trend in Anchorage's bicycling community is now a mainstream way for even the casual rider to take advantage of Anchorage's easily accessible trail system, and Alaska's outdoor lifestyle, all year long. 

Scott Jensen
In a city populated by type-A personalities and strivers, people jog in the rain. On Friday nights, down streets clogged with bars. And yes, in a blizzard.Terrence McCoy | The Washington Post
Get a permit for the Anan Wildlife Observatory in Wrangell or sign up for Girls on Ice. Alaska Dispatch News
Alaska is home to many outstanding runners, bikers and swimmers. But it’s also a great place for couch potatoes to transform into triathletes. Here’s how to go from sedentary to superstar by summer.Jill Burke
Organized sled dog racing is a rapidly evolving sport. How it evolves and the direction it takes is important to those of us who participate and those who watch.John Schandelmeier
The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in a case questioning whether the federal government has authority over navigable waters in Alaska's national parks -- a case brought by a moose hunter barred by the National Park Service from using his hovercraft.Erica Martinson
Now I can comfortably go outside in Anchorage-level cold for a full day and arrive home warm. The keys: staying dry, staying hydrated, staying fed. Alli Harvey
At least five people have filed reports with a Mat-Su group saying their dogs got caught in snares or traps set near trails in populated areas. Zaz Hollander
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