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For the state’s nonprofits, The Foraker Group acts as a mentor or an amicable older sibling willing to show the way. For many in the sector, it has changed how they do business. Now, Dennis McMillian, who has headed the group for 14 years, is getting ready to retire.Tegan Hanlon
James Patterson has written more New York Times best-sellers than anyone else. He reportedly earned $90 million last year. And now he's shared some of those earnings -- and his passion for books and independent bookstores -- with Palmer's own Fireside Books.  Zaz Hollander
Alexandra West created a “fish carcass disposal system” to filter fish waste back into the water and prevent bear-human conflict. She's the first student UAA to be the sole inventor listed on a patent. Tegan Hanlon
The owners of Obsession Records, which opened in early December in Anchorage, say they are making ends meet but not seeing much of a profit. To them, though, it's about sharing the music. Megan Edge
If the architect and designers have their way, a new multifamily housing unit for low-income Anchorage residents will produce more energy than it consumes and use on-site water and sewer reclamation systems.Sean Doogan
From a slew of new restaurants and outlet malls to a national beauty products retailer and an indoor artisan market, commercial real estate remains in high demand in Anchorage. But the precipitous drop in oil prices has some developers worried about Alaska's long-term prospects.Sean Doogan
For some students in rural Alaska, connecting the dots between schoolwork and a future career can be a challenge. But one aviation company is trying to spread the word that working hard in school can lead to a rewarding job flying Alaska's skies.Sean Doogan
It is hoped that the Village Safe Water Program will eventually help eliminate dirty sewage lagoons, centralized water transmission lines, and honey buckets -- the 5-gallon buckets still used as toilets by many in the state.Sean Doogan
The latest on companies' and organizations' new hires, promotions and certifications.Kathleen Macknicki
Alaskans are embracing CrossFit workouts, with "boxes" popping up in strip malls and industrial parks around the state. The low-cost, low-tech gyms are affordable to open, and the intense workouts, popular with hard-core athletes, are increasingly attracting a broader range of fans of all ages.Sean Doogan
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