A reader approached last week and sheepishly asked if I would recommend a plant she could grow in her bathroom. A few plants quickly came to mind.Jeff Lowenfels
I debated whether to write a column this week. Since this is the start of my 40th year of writing this column, I figured this would be a good time to finally skip a week. What the heck, I thought. Just don’t turn one in. Jeff Lowenfels
There are many different kinds of plant wreaths, from the traditional evergreen wreaths to the more avant garde succulent wreaths. This is the time of year when people buy these, be they for Christmas, for use on the Thanksgiving table or just to have some fun decorating the house for the winter. There is nothing wrong with buying these, but you can also construct your own.Jeff Lowenfels
Lots of folks simply ignore this season. If they happen to have a few houseplants, they nurse them along. If not, they just do without plants for the nine long months of winter. Jeff Lowenfels
A community garden in the Southcentral Alaska village of 200 people that began with little horticultural experience has grown watermelon, which is rare in Alaska, in only four seasons.Suzanna Caldwell

This summer, in the little village of Tyonek, something big happened in the community garden: About 60 pounds of watermelons were raised from seed in two high-tunnel greenhouses.

Suzanna Caldwell
One of the things about writing a column for 40 years is that things change and advice has to be corrected. A bunch of questions this week demonstrate this. We learn more and more about plants every week and thus need to adjust how we care for them.Jeff Lowenfels
It is, without question, time to be paying a lot more attention to indoor chores and a lot less to outdoor ones.Jeff Lowenfels
First, can you still plant things? Heck, yeah! As long as the ground is not frozen, you are good to go. However, this could be the last weekend, folks.Jeff Lowenfels
You can plant outside all the way through the first few snows if the ground is still thawed. Still, for most of us, gardening is over outside.Jeff Lowenfels
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