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As far as I am concerned, there are a few laws of science that apply during this late part of the outdoor growing season. I know lots of folks are not scientifically minded, but I think you will find all of this very easy to follow.Jeff Lowenfels
Sure, it is almost over, but the outdoor season still has a few chores to go. Depending on how you look at these things, you can either rejoice that there is more to do or scream because we are not at the end.Jeff Lowenfels
The geese can’t help it. They are influenced by tens of thousands of years of instinctual patterns of behavior. So when the daylight changes and the stars in the night sky shift, they begin to practice their formation flying, soon to be off to wherever they spend the long Alaska winter.Jeff Lowenfels
Yes, I know it is September and most Alaska gardeners think they are through planting things for the season. To heck with that. I am throwing caution to the wind.Jeff Lowenfels

 “Marmaduke” claimed the title of king of the cabbages Friday night at the 19th annual Giant Cabbage Weigh-Off at the Alaska State Fair. At nearly 118 pounds, the washing-machine-size vegetable grown by Steve Hubacek of Wasilla topped this year’s closest competitor by 4 pounds.

Tara Young
I am often asked to write a column about a specific subject. This is not always easy, as the timing may not be right, the issue may not be one of general interest or there isn’t enough to say about at the subject to fill a whole column.Jeff Lowenfels
There is little doubt we are heading down the path toward the indoor gardening season. That being the case, now is the time to consider growing some of your outdoor plants indoors this winter.Jeff Lowenfels
Michael and Paula Williams want to share the story of Mat-Su peonies with the world, and that calling has earned the couple the title of 2014 Alaska State Fair Farm Family.Zaz Hollander
One of the best things that happens out at the Alaska Botanical Garden is the annual Plastic Pot Recycling Day. This year it is going to be on Aug. 23.Jeff Lowenfels


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