When we get this close to Valentine’s Day, I have to remind myself, and perhaps you, that the last half of February is time to get sweet peas and plant them. This is the newest trick to get the most and the earliest blooms. You can still start yours in April, like we used to, but what else do you have to do right now?Jeff Lowenfels
February: Only two and half more months until we can start hardening off plants. To celebrate, let me wander a bit this week (not that I don’t every week). I have mail to answer and a few comments of my own to make and none of the subjects adds up to a full column.Jeff Lowenfels
Rob Wells, of The Persistent Farmer, says he is taking orders for dahlias. “I just took my dahlia tubers out of cold storage so they will warm and begin to sprout,” he says.Steve Edwards
Growing giant vegetables is a lot of work and it isn't for everyone. Then again, it's midwinter, so it doesn't hurt to daydream a bit about them.Jeff Lowenfels
Where was the snow last week? I actually found myself wandering around the yard last weekend, visiting the summer greenhouse, checking on my tool friends in the shed just in case I need a dandelion tool next weekend, and starting the mower, just for kicks.Jeff Lowenfels
My favorite catalogs are the ones that hawk perennials. I can sit for hours and dream of the yard full of beds of them. And talk about great photographs. In another life, perhaps, I can come back as a perennial catalog photographer.Jeff Lowenfels
It used to be you would buy seed and it was just plain old seed. Now there is all sorts of confusion because sellers label seeds, usually as "heirloom,” “organic,” “open-pollinated,” or “hybrid” seeds.” What gives?Jeff Lowenfels
2015 will be the first year a tree from Alaska has been chosen for the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., and schoolchildren from across the state will create ornaments for it.Egan Millard
The regular reader knows that I am conflicted by seed catalogs. First, we have almost all we need here without resorting to mail orders. Second, while these are the harbingers of spring in the Lower 48, here, their appearance is the marker of the middle of the winter.Jeff Lowenfels
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