Listen up, yardeners. I am trying to save you a lot of work and a lot of time: Do not rake leaves off anything but your driveway, decks and walks. It is not a good idea. In fact, raking the yard clean is a terrible idea.Jeff Lowenfels
Winner Steve Hubacek seemed a little disappointed that his winner -- the 92.15-pound “Maxilla from Wasilla” -- failed to make his 100-pound goal. He'd grown a previous record-holder of 127, after all.Zaz Hollander
I dislike writing the annual column on what to do when frost is predicted. No one likes to read it, either, I am pretty sure. Still, global warming or not, we are going to have a winter here. Jeff Lowenfels

The 10th Midnight Sun Pumpkin Weigh-Off took place at the Alaska State Fair with just one contestant on Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015. 

Shelby Lum
You would think that we would all be showing a bit of global warming-induced gardening fatigue, but such does not appear to be the case. We are using every bit of the time we can, apparently.Jeff Lowenfels
We took those daylilies back to our “farm,” along with some other plants, though I can only remember the lilies. We replanted them, not in an obvious spot, but off to the side of a field. They weren’t meant for landscaping. These were plants that belonged to Grandpa Al and as Dad would say, when he saw them thriving, “That’s immortality.”Jeff Lowenfels
There are few services in the 150-mile run between Delta Junction and Glennallen on the historic Richardson Highway, but we found decent food among the abandoned gold rush sites, relics and rumors of ghosts.Mike Dunham
Questions and more questions. They keep on coming. I will leave out the ones about weather, and there are lots, because my guess is as good as yours. Still, it is clear that we are enjoying it and we deserve to. Alaska: It is our turn now.Jeff Lowenfels
Last week I was asked a question about the ends of zucchini squash fruits turning black way before the fruits get large and ripen. Then the whole thing melts into a mush. Ah, the joys of zucchini. This is blossom end rot.Jeff Lowenfels
I have to admit over the years I have probably started half a dozen notebooks of varying sizes, with every intention of carrying one in my pocket while I worked the yard. As you might have guessed, I have not been successful. I have a lot of notes about the first couple of days and maybe weeks of the season, and then nothing.Jeff Lowenfels
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