My very first gardening chore was dandelion patrol on what was essentially 8 acres of lawn. I still have and use that dandelion fork. I am now 65 years old and I have to finally admit to myself it will never slay the beast.Jeff Lowenfels
Yahoo! Let the outdoor season begin. It’s also time to hit the mail and answer some questions that might have a general bent.Jeff Lowenfels
Now that the leaves of the birch trees in Southcentral Alaska are at least approaching -- if not already -- the size of squirrels’ ears, you can assume we won’t have any more freezing weather at night until the fall. This being so, there are two very important rules to remember this week.Jeff Lowenfels
A few astute readers asked why there is no phosphorus in the lawn fertilizer they bought this year. Of course, my retort was, “Why are you buying lawn fertilizer this time of year as you can’t possibly know if you lawn needs it!?” Still, it is a good question.Jeff Lowenfels
I don’t know what it is that causes Alaska homeowners to wake up one day in the middle of April worrying about their lawns. Perhaps it is that obnoxious TV “Scottsman" yelling at us to fertilize or the appearance of those nasty weed and feed (please, no!) products at box stores even though the lawn is still just a dormant mass of brown matter.Jeff Lowenfels
I love April. There is plenty to get ready for the summer, but we are not stuck there due to the cold. It is a perfect combination for gearing up and getting into shape for all the yardening activity that is coming.Jeff Lowenfels
You would have to be without Internet, telephone, telegraph, newspapers, radio, TV and friends not to have picked up on the most recent controversy regarding the chemical glyphosate.Jeff Lowenfels

Scott and Mardie Robb transplant dianthus flowers, which they started from seed at their Colony Greenhouse in Palmer, Alaska, on Tuesday, March 24. The greenhouse will be open to the public on April 1 hanging baskets and flats of flowers and vegetables for sale. 

Bob Hallinen
I think it is safe for me to discuss the weather. You know my record and thus my hesitancy. However, a quick glimpse at the 10-day forecast sure suggests that spring is, indeed, here for the duration.Jeff Lowenfels
Let’s talk about seed germination. This is the time of our gardening season when seeds are started indoors. You know the rule: You have to plant at least one thing you grow from seed or you are not a real gardener.Jeff Lowenfels
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