Alaska Botanical Garden's Heritage Garden revisits the style and heirloom varieties of Anchorage's subsistence years. Mike Dunham
Sometime in November, the 40th year of writing this column will roll around. How I have changed. Nothing could better highlight how much than my response to the following (summarized) email: “New to Anchorage. Desperately trying to maintain the impeccable lawn and the landscaping of the previous owner.”Jeff Lowenfels
Unless you are living in a condo or apartment, you are probably a “yardener.” “Yardening” is a term coined by the late garden writer Jeff Ball, who recognized that the modern gardener doesn’t just putter around with growing flowers and vegetables in nice, rectangular beds as in the days of yore. Jeff Lowenfels
This is a bunny rabbit column. You know, one where I hop all around? There are just too many questions to answer for me to dwell on a specific topic.Jeff Lowenfels
The solstice approaches and that really makes for some fun garden parties. The best one, to be sure, is out at the Alaska Botanical Garden and it is coming up Thursday, June 25, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Make sure to be there.Jeff Lowenfels
 An evening of films by Alaskans will take place Friday and Saturday, June 19-20, with offerings that range from romantic comedy and animation to CGI-enhanced Vikings fighting Space Orcs.Mike Dunham
There seems to be an unbelievable bumper crop of spruce cones both in trees and on lawns this spring. Their abundance has been quite a topic of conversation, at least in my circles. It is coneucopia! Jeff Lowenfels
Jennifer Galbreath is on a mission to spread knowledge of the medicinal and culinary uses of Alaska's native plants.Shannon Kuhn
Pay some attention now to what is going on in your newly planted gardens and you won’t have to work so hard later in the season when the fish are running. That is a fair deal! It makes sense even if you are not a fisherman.Jeff Lowenfels
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