In 1974, the Anchorage Daily Times published a story with the headline “Grape Grower Goes Tomatoes.” Now, 40 years later, it might be time to reverse that headline.

Tara Young
It's been my habit to vent a bit in the last column of the year. I suspect this year's comments might be a bit more controversial than others. I hope not.Jeff Lowenfels
The point I am trying to make is that at the very least, you have to really, really know your gardener before you buy something for him or her. And I can tell you that I, personally, don’t know your gardener, so why listen to me?Jeff Lowenfels
Jeff Lowenfels answers questions from readers about getting a Meyer lemon, dealing with scale insects, making sure your poinsettia looks its best and more.Jeff Lowenfels
As I travel around Outside giving talks, I am constantly amazed at the lengths people will go to -- indeed, whole towns and even cities -- in order to ensure the ground is completely devoid of fallen leaves. You would think these things harbor the Ebola virus. They are whisked away, out of sight, almost as soon as they hit the ground. Jeff Lowenfels
I suppose I should applaud anyone who at least tries to grow something “unusual” from a seed or pit, and this is the time of year to try. What else is going on gardening-wise in your home?Jeff Lowenfels
I sometimes wonder if I am making a big mistake assuming that everyone who lives in Alaska (save those with the very most difficult-to-heat, remote cabins), enjoys houseplants during the winter months. What I do know, however, is that everyone should.Jeff Lowenfels
In a warmer climate, I would be writing about fall chrysanthemums or “hardy mums” in the garden because this is the season for these beauties. When the dahlias and the Shasta and Long Island daisies fade, these lovelies start to bloom. For the next six to eight weeks, they rule. Jeff Lowenfels
As Alaska gardeners slowly comprehend that winter is fast approaching, I suppose we can all take comfort in the news from the New York Times that Anchorage will be the place to live when the last global warming skeptic finally admits New York City is underwater for some reason related to climate.Jeff Lowenfels
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