The cultural explosion that is Bethel’s Cama-i Dance Festival is drawing thousands this weekend for dance and song, Native foods and family, dramatic regalia and live performances by a Yup’ik YouTube sensation.

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It could have been just the hobby Tlingit artist Rico Worl chose: painting formline designs -- art where lines taper and swell, creating shapes to depict human and animals -- on skateboards for friends and relatives.

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Southeast Alaska Tlingit artist Rico Worl opens doors for himself and fellow Native artists with his striking work on skateboards, skis and snowboards that's attracting notice nationwide. Steve Quinn
Now and then, I’ll find myself standing at the kitchen table, squeezing whitefish or sheefish with a cheesecloth. I’ve found it easier than by hand, and I’m sure Mom would crack a comment.Laureli Ivanoff
Unalaska Sgt. Jennifer Shockley writes brief, inventive and colorful retellings of the activities of fellow officers that appear in publications throughout Alaska and are followed online by readers sprinkled throughout the world.   Clark Fair
Can a federal biologist, six months pregnant, with a 2-year-old along on a family hunting trip with her bush pilot husband, find a way to take a moose in the Middle Yukon?Christine Cunningham
Food and what we do with it help define who we are, no matter our culture. In the book’s introduction, Atkan Crystal Stetzof Dushkin says, “Traditional foods are important because traditional foods are one of the last things that we have left to remind us what it means to be Unangax.”Nancy Lord
With hundreds of dancers, drummers and singers, 400 volunteers and thousands of spectators, Bethel’s Cama-i Dance Festival brings a whirl of color and a steady beat of drums.Lisa Demer

With hundreds of dancers, drummers and singers, with 400 volunteers, with thousands of spectators, Bethel’s Cama-i Dance Festival kicked off Friday afternoon in a whirl of color and a steady beat of drums.

Lisa Demer
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