It's the last weekend of the state fair -- so load up some snacks and check out the entertainment. Alaska Dispatch News
Winner Steve Hubacek seemed a little disappointed that his winner -- the 92.15-pound “Maxilla from Wasilla” -- failed to make his 100-pound goal. He'd grown a previous record-holder of 127, after all.Zaz Hollander
Last Saturday I attended an interfaith prayer vigil and Medicaid expansion celebration held at St. Anthony Catholic Church. It was a service with much prayer, music, scriptural readings, and a sermonette. It felt like a church service, but with a distinct purpose.Chris Thompson

Racing pigs at the Alaska State Fair as you've never seen them: in slow-motion. 

Shelby Lum
I dislike writing the annual column on what to do when frost is predicted. No one likes to read it, either, I am pretty sure. Still, global warming or not, we are going to have a winter here. Jeff Lowenfels and Wanda
A self-professed blueberry picking machine, Brudie is content to pick for hours, filling bucket after bucket. She makes four to six pies for the holidays.Shannon Kuhn
From Denali to Juneau, there are plenty of fabulous glaciers for hikers, climbers, boaters and sightseersScott McMurren
My very favorite salads, the ones I make the most often, are ones that include combinations of fruit and nuts and cheese. Maya Evoy
Volunteers in Homer will start building a basket from gathered materials to be ceremonially burned on the beach in what has become an annual ritual.Mike Dunham
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