Whaling is an Inupiat tradition stretching back thousands of years and countless generations. But this generation may be the first to witness a new twist on an ancient practice; for the first time in memory, women are throwing the harpoons.

Kamala Kelkar
The Gwich'in names Teedriinjik and Ch’idriinjik replace Chandalar as the official designation for the Arctic waterway, despite disapproval from the Alaska Historical Commission. Asaf Shalev
Fresh from what some environmentalists claim is a victory that forced Shell to drop its ambitious plans to search for oil in Arctic waters off Alaska, the Sierra Club is urging supporters to rise up to stop a separate offshore Alaska energy project.Yereth Rosen
OPINION: Without formal and active engagement between the Arctic Council and the Northern Forum, efforts by either to address the economic, living, cultural and environmental conditions of northern peoples will fall flat.Sen. Lesil McGuire,Nils Andreassen
Pelted by hailstones and buffeted by an icy wind, Yasser Arslanuk, a 55-year-old Syrian engineer, his wife and two young sons wobbled across the border from Russia into Norway astride bicycles last week, the latest migrants to complete an improbable new route to Europe.Andrew Higgins
Alaska's northernmost community is feasting on whale after a successful fall season that included 15 bowheads landed, plus a bonus whale whose death is under investigation.  Alex DeMarban
Climate change and a presidential visit turns attention to Arctic travel.Scott McMurren
Gov. Bill Walker has lobbied members of President Barack Obama's administration on opening up a small section of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.Associated Press
A team of researchers including UAF scientists has developed a model to predict the amount of carbon that will be released to the atmosphere from thawing permafrost soils.Asaf Shalev
The U.S. Geological Survey released a study Tuesday suggesting that many local observers in Alaska are reporting greater variability in year-to-year berry harvests, though the reports themselves varied.Suzanna Caldwell