With an influx of Arctic researchers launching weather balloons, drones and sensor-equipped projectiles, the Federal Aviation Administration is designating a new aviation "warning area" above the Beaufort Sea stretching north of Prudhoe Bay.

Asaf Shalev
Efforts to procure another polar icebreaker for the U.S. Coast Guard have foundered because there isn’t a national imperative, a prominent Arctic official told a panel discussing the topic on Tuesday.Kamala Kelkar
In a simulated search-and-rescue last month that saw federal agencies and private companies working together, a drone located a raft some 20 miles offshore in Alaska's Arctic waters, and relayed information to rescue helicopters.Asaf Shalev
Some Norwegian research institutes are experiencing problems in cross-border research activities with Russia, among them the Norwegian Polar Institute’s polar bear count this year. However, fishing cooperation between the two countries is proceeding this year.Atle Staalesen, Barents Observer
Scientists hope President Obama's visit to Alaska and a high-level conference focusing on climate will help people in southern latitudes understand why the quickly warming Arctic is important to the rest of the world.Yereth Rosen
Iceland’s President Olafur Ragnar Grímsson told Alaska legislators on Tuesday that, “with all due respect to Washington,” they need to be more vocal and involved if they want to build Arctic infrastructure.Kamala Kelkar
Oil companies Gazprom Neft and Eni will lose big money on their offshore projects in the Barents Sea With the current oil prices, none of the offshore Arctic oil projects will be profitable.Atle Staalesen, Barents Observer
Speaking at an Arctic conference in Anchorage Tuesday, a managing partner of a global investment firm said the Arctic presented "massive" investment opportunity and pitched an as-yet-unveiled protocol to attract would-be investors and guide investment in the region.Jeannette Lee Falsey
The U.S. Arctic Research Commission is delving into health issues affecting far north populations, and mental health is at the forefront of the discussion.Yereth Rosen

The Alaskan Arctic: A Summit on Shipping and Ports at the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage, Alaska Aug. 23-25, 2015.

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