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One of Alaska's oldest and most respected big-game guides, Joe Hendricks was a victim, in large part, of letting other guides use his exclusive hunting area in the Brooks Range. But as he admits, he wasn't totally innocent either.

Craig Medred
Over the last nine years, nearly a dozen zip line tours have sprung up in Alaska from Ketchikan to Talkeetna, including a new operation in Seward that opened less than a month ago.Alli Harvey
Jean Aspen and her husband, Tom Irons, who divide their time between Homer and the Brooks Range, created a documentary about a solitary life in the wilds of Alaska that differs from a lot of Alaska reality TV in one key way: It's actually real. Dermot Cole
As of Tuesday, the estimated total run of sockeye into Bristol Bay waters stood just under 39 million fish, well beyond the Department of Fish and Game preseason forecast of 26.5 million.Dave Bendinger
Known by some as "The Crazy Frenchman," Francois Guenot was trying to make his way to the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia from the village of Kokhanok on the south shore of Alaska's giant Iliamna Lake. He's been missing for months. Craig Medred
Bacteria levels on the beaches of the Kenai River, Southcentral Alaska's popular salmon dipnetting site, were measured at two times the state's standard for recreational waters, the state warned Wednesday. Laurel Andrews
Some Alaska sportfishers and dipnetters believe clubbing is the most ethical way to control flopping salmon and quickly get them out of the dipnet. But others contend it harms the quality of the fish flesh. Kevin Klott
Members of the FAA's Surveillance and Broadcast Services program would like to know how 20 Automated Weather Observing Systems are serving the public.Colleen Mondor
Some Alaska hikes prove especially memorable when, as on that particular night, location, weather, and season come together in a beautiful collaboration. But what makes any hike or climb most scenic smacks of subjectivity.Shawn Lyons
Eleven vessels sail the 3,500-mile series of routes all year, in all sorts of weather, to more than 30 terminals. Passengers rely upon the Alaska Marine Highway for everything from medical care to soccer games and family holidays. But it's a superb way to see parts of Alaska too -- without much fuss. Erin Kirkland