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Dick and Lavelle Betz spent decades flying fishermen in their "his and hers" Super Cubs to fishing spots by day, and returning for dinner at their wilderness lodge on Shulin Lake by night.

Jane Dale
Photographer Jeff Schultz has spent more than three decades as official photographer for the Iditarod, meaning he's accumulated tens of thousands of photographs and just as many stories on the race. He shares some of each in his new book.Colleen Mondor
The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed a change to the Bettles airport lighting system that would reduce the airport's IFR capabilities. It is seeking comments from the public until Sept. 25.Colleen Mondor
OPINION: In this instance, feds are not just exacerbating the issues between federally qualified hunters and non-qualified hunters in Alaska, but also between qualified federal hunters who are in the know and those that are not. This isn’t a good way to make friends in the community.John Schandelmeier
There is no-one-size-fits-all triathlon in Alaska. The outdoor course that works for the Eagle River Triathlon in June won’t suit Fairbanks in March. Races are adapted to work with outdoor conditions, and there’s one race in Fort Greely that is 100 percent indoors. Homer’s Ski to Sea Triathlon in March ditches the swim altogether in favor of skis. Alli Harvey
From mountain biking to skiing, ziplining to kayaking, studies show that kids who grow up with access to outdoor activities are more likely to reap the benefits of physical fitness and more effective coping skills. But it can be risky too.  Erin Kirkland
Idaho Eagle Scout Jackson Hobbs, 16, learned Tuesday that his 335-pound halibut will stand up as the winner in the 2014 Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby.Matt Tunseth
Two veterans of the “Wounded Warrior” project are touring Southcentral Alaska in a modified Nissan truck airlifted to Anchorage this week on a C-130, the vehicle of choice for a series on YouTube.Dermot Cole
Water landings offer a danger unlike any other, especially if a landing turns into a crash. But groups that train people to escape in the event of a botched water landing are frustrated that the general aviation community isn't especially proactive about training that could save lives.Colleen Mondor
East dropped the first set against Juneau Thursday night before rallying for a 3-1 win Thursday in prep volleyball at East High. Alaska Dispatch News