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Water landings offer a danger unlike any other, especially if a landing turns into a crash. But groups that train people to escape in the event of a botched water landing are frustrated that the general aviation community isn't especially proactive about training that could save lives.

Colleen Mondor
Going off of the sheer number of aircraft and the myriad environments in which Noel "Merrill" Wien has flown, he may be among the most diverse, experienced pilots of his time.Joy Journeay
Scale confounds the modern wildlife-watcher here. Consider the sea otter, a common Resurrection Bay resident. From afar, it appears kitten-soft and cat-sized -- a furry log, rolling on the waves.  Really, it is impressively hefty, reaching 5 feet and weighing about 70 pounds. A Steller sea lion bull grows to an average 8 feet long and weighs about 1,500 pounds.Andromeda Romano-Lax
Trip from Alyeska Tramway, down Winner Creek Trail, to Twentymile River before paddling downstream to Turnagain Arm has become  an iconic Alaska packraft trip: Easy enough for those of moderate skills; challenging enough and wild enough to provide a true Alaska wilderness experience.Craig Medred
Ron Sheardown has flown around Alaska for decades, and traveled throughout the world's northern polar regions. In his time, he's been part of one of the highest-profile Arctic rescues in recent history and amassed a list of accolades for his extensive aviation experience.Jane Dale
After two months of searching and nothing to indicate Cody Roman Dial of Anchorage is lost in the rugged Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica, his father now suspects the young man may have fallen victim to criminals operating in the area.Jerzy Shedlock
Sarah Outen is passing through Alaska, trading in a boat for a bicycle on the way, as she works her way around the globe on a human-powered trek.Megan Edge
Alaska’s highways offer plenty for adventurous anglers willing to hike upstream in pursuit of rainbow trout. Matt Tunseth
The energy from hundreds of feet thrumming down on cooler ground, crunching on leaves and dodging roots, forms a tangible sense of community. Few events consistently create this feeling as well as the Bonny Sosa Tuesday Night Race Series.Alli Harvey
After peeling off his waders, the Alaska biologist discovered a puncture near his Achilles and a long chunk of flesh ripped open on his leg where the bear's tooth had caught him near the calf and then dragged through flesh toward his ankle.Craig Medred