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Since 2008, more than 60 percent of Alaska hunters use four-wheelers. My observation is that 60 percent is low. When caribou season began in the Denali Highway area this season, it seemed like every pickup and motorhome was being pushed by a trailer full of side-by-sides, six-wheelers and camouflaged four-wheelers.

John Schandelmeier
Many Alaskans share the challenge of having a 40-plus-hour workweek and a desire to get outdoors as much as possible. Juggling work and outdoor time can be tough, but satisfying if you pull it off.Alli Harvey
A meeting in Bethel over the weekend looked to get ahead of the science and policy involved in the state's proposed 2016 adoption of new escapement goals for the Kuskokwim.Lisa Demer
All mechanics who tested with Designated Mechanic Examiner Marty James Simmons in Anchorage must retake their oral examinations, per an FAA notice.Colleen Mondor
Pilot Garland Hobson spent years flying in service of his fellow man, first in the military and later, with the Alaska State Troopers as pilot of the agency's primary response helicopter, Helo-1.Jane Dale and Sabrina Dobson Parsons
Travel writer Amber Nolan is closing in on her goal of visiting all 50 states by catching rides on privately owned aircraft.Colleen Mondor
Despite the name, BOW programs are open to men too -- but they're specifically designed to cater to the most needy populations when it comes to outdoor skills: Women and older children.Lisa Maloney
Outdoor recreation in Alaska often leads to remote places. Even along the state’s limited road system, the nearest garage might be a hundred miles away. Adventurers must be capable of fixing almost anything that breaks. This means packing tools and spare parts. In other words, being prepared. Or bring along an auto mechanic.Rick Sinnott
Whether a race is the heart and soul of vacation or just the cherry on top of a bottomless beach side pina colada, it can add a great element of accomplishment and, yes, fun to traveling.Alli Harvey
As the state’s work on the Susitna River mega-dam continues, a new private proposal has surfaced for a smaller dam on the nearby Talkeetna River, loved for its salmon and rapids.Zaz Hollander