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Alaska Dispatch News
Even for an Alaskan living in Anchorage I don’t get the sense that I am a speck on a vast landscape as often as I’d hope. I was awed and excited. As we walked, I heard “wow!” and “this is amazing” from the visitors. Alli Harvey
The price for pinks, posted at about 28 cents per pound, seems too low to generate much of a post-sockeye fishing effort by many Bristol Bay fishermen.Dave Bendinger
Three crews are wielding chain saws and brush cutters this summer on the 141st meridian, hoping to clear a 20-foot swath along 130 miles of the Alaska-Yukon border, one of the most unusual dividing lines in the world. Dermot Cole
With as many as 500 boaters with dipnets packed into a short section of the Kenai River, conditions can turn precarious. One family got tossed in the water after a collision, leading to a visit to the local hospital. Sean Doogan
Only about 8,000 of a needed minimum of 15,000 spawning king salmon were in Alaska's famed Kenai River by Thursday.  The latest computer projection puts the expected return at just 13,000 to 14,000 fish -- even with further catches eliminated. Craig Medred
Cody Roman Dial of Anchorage has been missing in the wilds of a Costa Rican national park for about two weeks. The lack of a detailed route plan from the 27-year-old is hampering search efforts.   Craig Medred
Nickolay Dodov’s parents say Alaska Heliskiing “sought profit above safety.” The case has already caused roiling grief and hard feelings in Haines, with local officials tasked with piecing together what, if anything, could have prevented the deaths and if tighter regulation is warranted.Kyle Hopkins
Head east following the Yukon River to Eagle and Dawson City for a tour of Alaska and the Yukon's gold rush history.Colleen Mondor
A Superior Court judge ruled in favor of a group looking to ban commercial setnet fishing in Alaska's urban areas, saying the measure can go before voters.Suzanna Caldwell