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Food Drop day is a big milestone leading up to the Yukon Quest, which begins in Whitehorse on Feb. 7. Not only is it a logistical challenge, but purchasing thousands of dollars worth of supplies is probably the biggest financial commitment for mushers.

Jeff Richardson | Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Father-and-son pair Martin and Rohn Buser have been penalized for separately making the same wrong turn in the home stretch of the Kuskokwim 300 sled dog race early Sunday.Lisa Demer
Sled dog races at all levels are contemplating alternatives as a lack of snow across much of the state keeps managers considering extreme ideas to keep races going.Suzanna Caldwell
Southcentral anglers used to casting a line in Prince William Sound for late-season silver salmon at the Whittier Boat Harbor, Smitty’s Cove, Salmon Run or nearby say the return has sharply declined in recent years and are seeking an explanation from biologistsMike Campbell
The middle of the field in a dog race is filled with teams with a multitude of reasons to run. There is only going to be one person in the winners’ circle and one with the red lantern. The rest of us are here to make them what they are.John Schandelmeier
Running is a very easy shortcut to a badly needed mid-winter high. It’s cheap, no fancy gear is required, and it’s doable even on the ice and, yes, in Southcentral Alaska's lovely January rain. Alli Harvey
Are Americans now so clueless they have to be told to put on warm clothes before doing out the in the cold?Craig Medred
Kristy Berington won the Northern Lights 300 sled dog race on Sunday, beating her twin sister across the finish line by two minutes. Alaska Dispatch News
Fish and Game researchers Howard Golden and Mike Harrington have captured 18 wolverines and equipped them with GPS tracking collars in Southcentral Alaska to better understand their movements, numbers and habits. Riley Woodford
Gwenn Bogart of Wasilla was the first musher to reach the first checkpoint of the Northern Lights 300 sled dog race on Friday.Alaska Dispatch News