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Have you ever waited for a plane to depart into the bush only to groan when a weather delay is announced? Do you vent your frustration on the customer service employees and the pilot? As a pilot, have you waivered in your decision to fly, only to have your mind changed by the people around you? These scenarios happen everyday in Alaska, but lately are receiving some increased scrutiny.Colleen Mondor
The #OptOutside concept may encourage families to engage in a new activity the day after Thanksgiving. Go outside instead of standing in a long line of shoppers? Sold. And Alaska is the perfect place to give it a try. Erin Kirkland
Roosevelt elk, the largest of the four subspecies of North American elk, were historically distributed from northern California to southern British Columbia. Their range and numbers have dwindled over the years.Joseph Robertia
Putting all smack talk aside, and there is plenty, I have to say that even as a proud Anchorage resident, I love Fairbanks.Alli Harvey
Hares seem to exist just to be a food source. Many times, they are white before snow falls, and when that happens, they become white targets in the black spruce and willow thickets. John Schandelmeier
The Anchorage snowboarding and ski hill has been furiously making snow, but that will slow later this week when warm weather returns to Southcentral Alaska. Mike Campbell

Anchorage destist Chad Trammell earlier this month became the World’s Toughest Mudder, a title he earned at a 24-hour endurance obstacle race held outside Las Vegas on Nov. 14-15.

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Wisconsin officials say the Fairbanks man apparently handed a loaded rifle up to a woman while she was in a tree stand. The weapon discharged and the man took a bullet just below the armpit.The Associated Press