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Bill Diehl's desire to one day fly an airplane began when he was just six years old, and eventually that fascination with aviation led to Diehl designing and manufacturing the Arctic Tern, with dozens of the aircraft produced in Alaska.

Rob Stapleton
Gene Zerkel was born in Indiana and worked a variety of odd jobs before finding his true calling as an aviator -- and eventually, owner of numerous businesses -- in Alaska.Joyce Zerkel and Joy Journeay
Going to ski swaps and expos like Oxygen and Octane can whet the appetite for Alaska’s longest season. But what if you need to get outdoors today, not next month?  Mike Campbell
Despite the lack of snow on the ground, ski swaps are ramping up in Southcentral Alaska -- with two on Saturday. Alaska Dispatch News
John Carlos Mann, 29, got lost on Crow Pass Trail while hiking from Eagle River to Girdwood on Friday. Two days later he emerged near the Seward Highway cold, tired and searching for help.Laurel Andrews
When Walt Audi came to Alaska in 1964 to work on the DEW line, he quickly realized that in the Arctic, only pilots had the ability to come and go as they pleased -- and a life of aviation was born.Joy Journeay
Warren Thompson spent years in rural Alaska helping to conduct search and rescue missions and establishing aviation rescue groups. Over that time, he located or helped find 17 people in the Alaska Bush.Joy Journeay
Rising 6,096 feet, Shot Tower is one of the most famous and most striking peaks in the Arrigetch Peaks in the Brooks Range, a thin granite spire that offers no passage to the summit without technical rock climbing.Seth Adams
My wife and I are in the Alaska outback virtually every day from the first of August until the last of the bears have denned, and we rarely see a track -- never mind an animal. John Schandelmeier
Canadian coast guard crews secured a towline to a Russian container ship carrying hundreds of tons of fuel as it drifted without power in rough seas off British Columbia's pristine northern coast. The move lessened the threat of the ship running aground, hitting the rocks and causing a spill.Associated Press