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Ever since the 1964 Good Friday earthquake, Alaskans have speculated when the next big earthquake will occur. To test the preparedness of responders, FEMA designed an earthquake-response simulation called Alaska Shield, which replayed the 1964 event in Anchorage and the surrounding region.

Alaska Dispatch News
One person was injured after being shot in the torso on a downtown sidewalk early Sunday, Anchorage police said.Alaska Dispatch News
A number of studies point to an unmistakable warming trend across the Arctic as sea ice thins or disappears, and it was a hot topic at the American Geophysical Union's fall meeting in San Francisco.Ned Rozell
Alaskans of any political persuasion can agree that we should get to name our own state’s highest mountain, currently misnamed Mount McKinley. And Sen.-elect Sullivan is uniquely positioned to do something about it.Rick Sinnott
LETTERS: Readers say "no sale" to the claim that the proposed Susitna-Watana dam could help salmon.Alaska Dispatch News
About 130 players turned out for a pond hockey tournament on Saturday at the Chester Creek Sports Complex. Matt Tunseth

Clam shells found in the Beaufort Sea floor during a 2010 mapping mission belong to a genus previously unknown to science, according to a new study. The clam shells date back more than a million years.

Yereth Rosen
As Alaska looks to close a looming budget deficit by largely relying on the state’s savings accounts, some are pondering longer-term solutions to the state’s fiscal predicament, including some uncomfortable ideas like instituting new taxes or diverting some of the earnings of the Permanent Fund.Nathaniel Herz
OPINION: Those who stir up hatred of police after grand juries refused to indict white officers in the deaths of black suspects understand neither justice nor the nation they are blessed to call home.Paul Jenkins
An emergency measure to help northern Bering Sea halibut fishermen was defeated at last week’s North Pacific Fishery Management Council, in a vote split along regional lines with all the Alaska representatives supporting the measure, which failed by a 5-5 tie vote.Jim Paulin