The Alaska Senate has passed legislation that would authorize financing for a gas project to serve Interior Alaska, without including additional financing authority for other energy projects, as the House version had.

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In recent days, residents of the tiny Interior community of Alatna have been without potable water after a fire damaged their water treatment facility. Governor Bill Walker declared a state disaster for the village Sunday.  Michelle Theriault Boots

Because fewer than 6,000 miles of certified public roads and highways probe Alaska's 570,374 square miles, rivers are especially important. Alaskans' dependence on rivers for in-state travel is critical, particularly for rural residents whose road systems are at best localized and short.


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When Natasha Price crunched the numbers and realized her family was paying more than $600 per month on food, she set out to cut that figure in half.

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A powerful earthquake shook Nepal on Saturday near its capital, Kathmandu, killing more than 1,800 people, flattening sections of the city’s historic center, and trapping dozens of sightseers in a 200-foot watchtower that came crashing down into a pile of bricks.Ellen Barry
Hallidie Wilt claimed her third straight victory and Jake Moe earned his first at Saturday's 37th annual Alaska Heart Run.Beth Bragg
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The nickel mining company, beset by financial woes and legal problems over environmental violations, will be allowed to discharge waste only if amounts of sulfates and other effluents are reduced, regional officials say.YLE News
OPINION: Keep the heat on our wayward Republican lawmakers, because reason just won't suffice with these folks.Shannyn Moore
In the last week of the mayoral campaign, the public can watch Amy Demboski and Ethan Berkowitz face off in five events, three of which will be broadcast. Devin Kelly