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When U.S. Sen. Mark Begich and his Republican challenger, Dan Sullivan, greet cheering supporters in downtown Anchorage on Election Night, their thoughts may turn to days of boots-on-the-ground campaigning in more unforgiving and far-flung parts of this remote and rugged state.

Associated Press
In a warmer climate, I would be writing about fall chrysanthemums or “hardy mums” in the garden because this is the season for these beauties. When the dahlias and the Shasta and Long Island daisies fade, these lovelies start to bloom. For the next six to eight weeks, they rule. Jeff Lowenfels
About 50,000 years ago, humans from Africa first set foot in Europe. They hunted woolly mammoths and other big game -- sometimes to extinction. Eventually, they began grazing livestock and raising crops.Halimah Abdullah
LETTERS: Hey, did you know there's an election? Look alive and read what readers have to say about the candidates and issues.
The UAA volleyball team got back on track after a rare loss, sweeping Western Oregon on Thursday night.Beth Bragg
OPINION: Sen. Berta Gardner invites Drue Pearce to put aside partisan attacks and join the vast number of successful women who work for Alaska's future even if it doesn't score them political points.Berta Gardner
A woman was taken to the hospital after hit by a sport utility vehicle in Anchorage Thursday while walking across the street, according to police.Alaska Dispatch News
An Anchorage judge on Thursday ordered Gov. Sean Parnell to release hundreds of documents related to problems in the Alaska National Guard or explain why the documents can’t be released.Richard Mauer
The Arctic Circle Assembly, in Reykjavik, Iceland, attracts leaders from northern nations -- and beyond -- drawn by the threats and opportunities that come with a changing North.Craig Medred
Nanwalek School, located on the southern tip of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, was the only school in the state to win the educational grant from technology company Apple. Laurel Andrews