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LETTERS: Commentary from readers in bite-sized pieces.Alaska Dispatch News
Around the New Year for the past five years, I’ve presented my top 10 list of non-theological issues I feel lessen the effectiveness of our faith community. Chris Thompson
Kellen Katcheak was driving a new snowmachine back home to Stebbins across frozen Norton Sound. But near the mouth of the Golsovia River, he and the machine plunged into the water.  Tegan Hanlon
The events will be on five consecutive Saturdays starting Jan. 3 in Valdez, followed by Juneau, Nome, Fairbanks and Anchorage. The last two are Feb. 6 in Wasilla and March 7 in Ketchikan. Nathaniel Herz
At Christ Tabernacle, a megachurch in the Glendale neighborhood of Queens with thousands of members, an usher known as Ralph had no small task come Sundays. Dressed in a suit, he helped mothers handle baby carriages, steered the elderly to the elevator and personified the “little” in a self-described “big little church” by making churchgoers feel at home.MIREYA NAVARRO
A much-anticipated study on sulfolane pollution levels tends to back up the position taken by Flint Hills, concluding that a much higher level in the ground below North Pole should be considered safe than that proposed by the state.Dermot Cole

In Anchorage, residents worked, played, relaxed and celebrated on Christmas Day after a morning snow squall gave way to afternoon sun and warmth.


Nathaniel Herz
OPINION: Because of the effect that Democratic presidential administrations tend to have on the economy, we should all hope Barack Obama isn't the last one we'll have this decade.Steve Haycox

Winter solstice, the darkest day of the year, is particularly dark in the Arctic Circle. Nome, Alaska, situated on the coast of the Bering sea, gets less then four hours of sunlight during winter solstice. Watch it fly by in this 2013 time-lapse video from Josh Head. 


Alaska Dispatch News
Cottonwood Creek, a pretty waterway flowing through the heart of Wasilla, is paying the price for its urban setting. The creek is the first in the Valley to exceed state fecal bacteria standards linked to horses, dogs -- and, of course, people. Zaz Hollander