Alaska's legislature enters its final week with plans to do nothing but debate how the state should spend its share of federal stimulus money — something that has sharply divided lawmakers and Gov. Sarah Palin. But on Thursday, Palin will travel to Indiana to speak to an abortion group, a decision even some Republicans are questioning.Sean Cockerham | Tribune Media Services
Craig Medred
Craig Medred
Craig Medred
Excited kids sit cross-legged on the floor of the Imaginarium as volunteers bring out the main attraction: chicks. A few animated ounces of fluffy, puffy, peeping, oddly personable baby birds inextricably associated with the Easter season.Mike Dunham
Do you love to star gaze? Wonder if there's life on far away planets? A trip to one of these planetariums will not only light up your imagination, they also happen to be located in exciting, fun filled cities.
New books of interest to Alaskans
When Bonnie Parker and Lucas Rowley look out at their slushy back yard in Nunaka Valley, their minds fill with plans that have nothing to do with mowing the lawn in a few weeks. In their new world, grass is passe.Julia O'Malley
With just one week left before the Alaska Legislature adjourns for the year, the conflict between Gov. Sarah Palin and lawmakers over taking federal economic stimulus money is the dominant issue left.Sean Cockerham | Tribune Media Services
More than five months after one of Alaska's most notorious criminals was beaten to death in prison, state troopers have not filed charges. Court documents involving another prisoner, though, may shed some light on what happened to John Carlin, best known as the gunman in the 1996 "stripper murder."Megan Holland