The Missile Defense Agency announced Friday that it plans to award a contract to an Alaska company to test the nation’s missile defense system housed in Kodiak.  Erica Martinson
An equipment failure at the University of Alaska Fairbanks power plant shut off heat and hot water for 90 minutes Thursday morning.Associated Press
Now that's spring's here, most plants can be pruned. But there are some important exceptions.Jeff Lowenfels

Firefighters extinguished an apartment fire at 1580 Russian Jack Drive in East Anchorage early Monday, April 11, 2016.

Up and down the dusty gravel roads between Wasilla and Big Lake, in subdivisions filled with homebuilt shacks and neat homes and weekend cabins, variations of the scene were playing out as the Miller's Reach wildfire spread.David Hulen
Teenagers across the country are preparing to cast their first ballots this year, so we reached out to some young Alaskans in Anchorage and Fairbanks for their take on elections, our political system and the future of our state.Kirsten Swann
Moda Health will not offer individual policies on the insurance marketplace in Alaska next year, saying the state's market is financially unsustainable without reform. Alaskans will have just one choice of insurer for next year.Laurel Andrews
LETTERS: Ideas about Alaska's future and more, from readers across Alaska.Alaska Dispatch News
Malia Obama, the older daughter of President Obama, plans to attend Harvard University beginning in the fall of 2017, waiting until her father leaves office to begin her college career.Julie Hirschfeld Davis
OPINION: A tragic month along the Pacific Rim has also been a spellbinding one for seismologists. But the dangers of this region remain widely misunderstood, and myths stubbornly persist.John Vidale