Now could not be a better time for homebuyers in the Anchorage/Eagle River market place. Low interest rates, moderately low inventory and modest appreciation have been the characteristics of our housing market all year long.  Connie Yoshimura
In August, I attended the annual Eagle River Institute at St. John Orthodox Cathedral in Eagle and was fascinated to hear a series of lectures on “Christianity in the Arab World” by Fr. George H. Shaloub. Before returning to his home in Michigan, Fr. Shaloub fielded some questions on religious diversity, eschatology, monasticism, and marriage.Chris Thompson

The issue: “Individuals and organizations ought to be free to refuse service to patrons on the basis of religious objection.”

Scott Jensen
"Edge of Alaska" aired its second-to-last episode, and once again the producers/editors are being drama queens. Emily Fehrenbacher

On a day when heavy rains wreaked havoc on much of Southcentral Alaska, hundreds of runners braved the weather to participate in the Bonny Sosa Tuesday Night Race Series at Bartlett High.

Loren Holmes
The ski train carries hundreds of skiers – 664 last year – to Curry for a day of skiing, touring, and, for many, partying. Typically, tickets are gone in about two weeks, and skiers who reserve early can pick their rail car.Mike Campbell
Long an icon of Bush flying, the Otter has been involved in a string of high-profile crashes in recent years, prompting speculation that the plane itself might be dangerous. But a glance at an NTSB database tells a different story.Colleen Mondor
Rolling Stone's 9,000-word interview was the only time Obama’s took any substantive questions from the press during this trip to Alaska. It's a long, glowing piece that reveals Obama's motivations -- and bends the facts.  Erica Martinson
Photos, video, and social media are bringing unprecedented transparency and awareness to a range of issues – from hazing to racism to police violence.Christian Science Monitor