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New research finds that reduced ice cover is stimulating a new phenomenon in the Arctic -- extra blooms of phytoplankton occurring in the fall, just before freeze-up, in addition to the usual springtime blooms.

Yereth Rosen
The dwelling, constructed from wood that floated down the Mackenzie River, is part of a larger group that may date back 500 years and be the biggest community of its kind discovered in the High Arctic. Marc Montgomery, Radio Canada International
Parks in Lapland and other parts of northern Finland are gaining in popularity among tourists and residents.YLE News
Thursday's incursion into Finnish airspace, though brief, is part of a pattern and is unlikely to be a coincidence, the Finnish defense minister says.. YLE News
New genetic research on ancient bones reveals that a prehistoric population of hunters migrated into the high Arctic of North America and Greenland and survived for 4,000 years in almost complete isolation from the rest of humanity. Then, about 700 years ago, they vanished.Joel Achenbach
As the state continues its outreach to Interior communities near the proposed route of an industrial road to a controversial mining district in Ambler, some have voiced opposition and now one has declared its land off limits.Zachariah Hughes | KNOM
Participants competed in Native sports and cultural activities in what is expected to be an annual event in remote Chukotka.Eilís Quinn, Eye on the Arctic
Parsing out the various causes of glacial retreat has been difficult, but scientists say they now have an accurate method to do so. Irene Quaile, Deutsche Welle
The research will focus on ways to make economic development, transportation and infrastructure safer, said Prime Minister Stephen Harper.Eilís Quinn, Eye on the Arctic
A dirt road plowed on the edge of the ice sheet for an abandoned auto-testing project is now a tourist attraction and a handy route for scientists headed to the ice sheet. Mia Bennett