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The Arctic Circle Assembly, in Reykjavik, Iceland, attracts leaders from northern nations -- and beyond -- drawn by the threats and opportunities that come with a changing North.

Craig Medred
Nine hundred delegates from 34 countries will soon descend on Reykjavik, Iceland for the Arctic Circle conference. (Mia Bennett)
The Sami Council says a separate office should be maintained in the EU capital of Brussels to ensure that indigenous interests are represented.Trude Pettersen, Barents Observer
Sites of spiritual significance and sites formerly used for scientific research are among those that might be listed on the state culture heritage registry.Thomas Nilsen, Barents Observer
A barge that broke free from a tow line remained adrift Monday in waters north of Alaska’s Arctic Slope, carrying roughly 950 gallons of fuel and moving farther from shore, thwarting some recovery options, the Coast Guard said. Tegan Hanlon
Russia's ambitions for "mastery of the north" mingle military and economic goals. But some Russian declarations about reconquest of the Arctic are premature..Mia Bennett
Finnish Defense Minister Carl Haglund was not impressed with the way Sweden managed its underwater scare. YLE News
The region's indigenous groups and their historic contributions were ignored in weekend ceremonies in Kirkenes marking Finnmark's lliberation from the NazisEmma Jarratt, Barents Observer
Global warming could trigger a food crisis in the High North, affecting migrating species, seasons and weather and threatening hunters’ ability to live of the land. Emma Jarratt
An unmanned barge that broke from its tow during a severe storm has been drifting in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska's Arctic Slope since Tuesday. Laurel Andrews