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Educators are focusing on practical instruction to boost conversational skills, and they are encouraging Finns to learn languages like French, German and Swedish.

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After Sweden’s worst forest fire in modern times, a group of leading biologists and ecologists say something positive could come out of the disasterRadio Sweden
The film, "Children of the Arctic," is set to be released in coming months and looks mostly at community life in Barrow through the eyes of Inupiaq teenagers, with a focus on whaling and subsistence living.Jillian Rogers
Lynx are becoming more common in urban areas, and some have attacked pets.YLE News
A drill hole sunk more than 1.5 miles into the ground near the Åre ski resort -- the deepest hole ever drilled in Sweden -- can give information about the formation of the Himalayas, scientists say.Radio Sweden
The Russian leader is centralizing power, taking back authority that had previously been delegated to far-flung regions of the "supergiant" nation.Mia Bennett
After dozens of searches over decades failed to turn up wreckage from the doomed expedition, a team used new technology and Inuit oral tradition to locate one of the ships.Marc Montgomery, Radio Canada International
Kaktovik whaling crews caught three whales in as many days this week, the first North Slope community to do so this fall.Carey Restino
The notoriously difficult-to-study Pacific walrus population decreased by about half between 1981 and 1999, likely due to hunting and changes to sea-ice habitat, according to a new USGS study that is considered the most up-to-date and comprehensive so far. The Pacific walrus is being considered for Endangered Species Act protections. Yereth Rosen
Musk oxen provide meat for dinner tables, hair for weaving looms and targets for big-spending trophy hunters. Mia Bennett