A newly analyzed object from the University of Colorado-led Cape Espenberg dig is providing more evidence of prehistoric trade or contacts between the residents of Northwest Alaska and their neighbors across the Bering Strait.

Yereth Rosen
Local Inuit hope to overturn federal approval of a plan to use noisy airguns to conduct seismic tests off Baffin Island. The seismic tests are scheduled for this summer.   Marc Montgomery, Radio Canada International
Development of the Northern Sea Route, with adjacent bases and infrastructure, tops the Arctic wish list of Russia's Barents regional governors. Atle Staalesen, Barents Observer
Cleanup is done on six legacy wells that are relics of early oil exploration on Alaska's North Slope, the Bureau of Land Management said Friday.Yereth Rosen
Permafrost in the circumpolar north will likely continue to thaw and release carbon dioxide and methane, but at a gradual rate instead of as a "carbon bomb," said a study published recently in the journal Nature. Yereth Rosen
Protesters in kayaks greeted a rig that could be used for oil drilling in the Arctic as it arrived in Washington state following a journey across the Pacific.Associated Press
Canada's two-year term leading the Arctic Council produced some positive results, despite complications from tensions over Russia and philosophical splits over economic and enviromental goals. Heather Exner-Pirot
When snows melt in spring in Finland, tons of dumped trash gets revealed. The annual cleanup task is costly. YLE News
Most of Sweden's political parties want increased military spending, but negotiations are underway to reach a consensus on how big the increase should be. Radio Sweden
A new booklet from the National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council wants to change that. Synthesizing much past academy work on the Arctic region, the booklet -- being released just before the United States assumes the chairmanship of the eight-nation Arctic Council later this month -- blazons this message: “What Happens in the Arctic Doesn’t Stay in the Arctic.”Chris Mooney