OPINION: It is disappointing that the officials charged with coordinating the president's visit chose not to engage in such conversations or recognize, that even in the 21st century, aviation in Alaska is still vastly different from everywhere else in America.

Colleen Mondor
Pilots for the four Talkeetna companies allowed to land on glaciers in Denali National Park stay safe by sharing up-to-the-minute weather information.Colleen Mondor
Saturday will mark the 80th anniversary of the death of humorist Will Rogers in a plane crash near Barrow. The former director of the Will Rogers museum in Oklahoma is making a pilgrimage to the site and hopes to meet relatives of the people who brought word of the tragedy to the town.Mike Dunham
Alaska State Troopers said Thursday that the pilot whose plane crashed in Knik Arm last week never dialed 911 and used a satellite phone to call for help, leading to an eight-minute wait before the National Guard learned of the crash.Nathaniel Herz

A National Park Service video lets you see the nation's largest national park through the eyes of one of its bush pilots, a man who grew up homesteading in the park and began flying in its backcountry at the age of 16.

Colleen Mondor
COMMENTARY: Aircraft accidents rarely happen for a single reason. Usually they are the result of a cascade of factors.Colleen Mondor
As survival tales go, First Lt. Leon Crane's WWII story is epic, which makes it all the more surprising that it is so little known in Alaska.Colleen Mondor
In a state as big as Alaska, there's a lot of land to go missing in. Over the years, dozens of aircraft have disappeared into the wilderness, and only some have ever been found.Colleen Mondor
Elodea, an aggressive invasive plant, was discovered this month in the lake used by hundreds of floatplanes, raising fears that it will be spread to multiple sites within flying reach. Yereth Rosen
When the debate over public broadcasting comes up, defenders are quick to turn to a few popular standbys -- like children's program "Sesame Street" -- to fight possible cuts. But in Alaska, there are other programs catering to underserved demographics, like pilots, that also face elimination.Colleen Mondor