The NTSB this week released a final report on a November 2013 plane crash on Alaska's North Slope, citing not only pilot error but also company procedures and inadequate FAA oversight as causes of the accident.

Colleen Mondor
For those who may be out of the loop, here are few things Alaska pilots should know in the coming weeks, including Inspection Authorization renewal seminars, a meeting for owners of de Havilland Beavers and Otters, and the completion of the aviation weather camera network.Colleen Mondor
For a week every year, Iron Dog volunteer pilot Keith Manternach has to fly every day "in some very challenging situations." But for Manternach, it's hardly an unpleasant experience.Colleen Mondor
A group of aviation stakeholders formed in 2011 to address the issue of midair collisions in Mat-Su has turned its attention to the narrow flight corridor that parallels the Glenn Highway between the Palmer and Anchorage airports.Colleen Mondor
For pilots who find themselves flying in the Alaska Bush in winter, the decision-making process concerning safety begins before they ever leave the house. Combating "get-home-itis" can be one of the toughest challenges for a pilot stuck between spending a night in the cold or taking off -- but a decision that could save her life.Colleen Mondor
The state has released its annual roundup of aviation activity around Alaska's many airports, including air travel statistics, changes at the state's rural airports and looking ahead to a multitude of airport projects.Colleen Mondor
Era Helicopters has gone through a variety of ownership and iterations over the years, but has remained an Alaska company to its core since 1948, the same year that saw delivery of the first helicopter to the territory.Colleen Mondor
When it comes to Alaska aviation histories, exciting isn't always best, and longtime Bush pilot Jack Jefford proved it with his memoir "Winging It!" The book is a straightforward history full of dry wit and an emphasis on safety over bravado, and something of an overlooked classic.Colleen Mondor
Mark Madden of Anchorage shares what is in his flight bag and his favorite place to fly in Alaska in a new series introducing pilots from across the state.Colleen Mondor

The group rebuilding an iconic Alaska aviation landmark recovered from a sandbar near the Tanana River in 2013 is making progress, but needs funding to continue their work.

Colleen Mondor