While an investigative document dump in April shed light on some of the factors behind a fatal 2013 crash in rural Alaska, the hard truth of the matter is that the crash was just one in a line of similar crashes that have been taking place for decades.

Colleen Mondor
The Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation will host its annual Seaplane Seminar at the Loussac Library in Anchorage on Saturday, April 25, for floatplane enthusiasts and aircraft owners looking forward to the summer flying season.Colleen Mondor
In December 1981, a group of men stranded for four days high on Mount McKinley following a plane crash watched helicopters circle overhead with no ability to provide supplies or rescue. Two men died, and an ensuing legal battle changed the expectations of rescue operations in Alaska and Outside.Colleen Mondor
Peter Weber Jr. flew a plane for about 20 minutes on a recent Monday. The flight was nothing fancy, just three looping circles around an area airfield. But it could nonetheless snag a Guinness world record for him.Ed Fletcher and Bill Lindelof
As more and more commercial fishermen turned to aircraft to spot fish and gain an edge on their competitors, the skies above Alaska's most popular fishing spots grew dangerous. Colleen Mondor
Urban Rahoi was back in a B-17 Friday, and while he would have much preferred to be at the controls of the Flying Fortress above the National Mall in Washington, D.C., the veteran Fairbanks flier settled for a place as a passenger in the “Arsenal of Democracy” tour marking the anniversary of the end of fighting in Europe during World War II.Dermot Cole
Alaska pilot, author and ecotourism pioneer Mike McBride will sign copies of his book about life on Kachemak Bay at this weekend's Great Alaska Aviation Gathering.Mike Dunham

The Great Alaska Sportsman Show offers more than 500 vendors spread between Sullivan Arena and Ben Boeke Ice Arena.


Matt Tunseth

Of all the ways in which Alaska's aviation and fishing industries have been associated over the years, the use of aircraft to spot fish for commercial fishing operators has by far been the most controversial.

Colleen Mondor
The NTSB this week released a final report on a November 2013 plane crash on Alaska's North Slope, citing not only pilot error but also company procedures and inadequate FAA oversight as causes of the accident.Colleen Mondor