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Bush Pilot

Gene Zerkel was born in Indiana and worked a variety of odd jobs before finding his true calling as an aviator -- and eventually, owner of numerous businesses -- in Alaska.

Joyce Zerkel and Joy Journeay
When Walt Audi came to Alaska in 1964 to work on the DEW line, he quickly realized that in the Arctic, only pilots had the ability to come and go as they pleased -- and a life of aviation was born.Joy Journeay
Warren Thompson spent years in rural Alaska helping to conduct search and rescue missions and establishing aviation rescue groups. Over that time, he located or helped find 17 people in the Alaska Bush.Joy Journeay
Joyce Galleher arrived in Bethel on a 28-below-zero day in 1951, and would spend the next several decades with her husband building up Bush Alaska air carrier Munz Northern Airlines.Gail Galleher
All mechanics who tested with Designated Mechanic Examiner Marty James Simmons in Anchorage must retake their oral examinations, per an FAA notice.Colleen Mondor
Pilot Garland Hobson spent years flying in service of his fellow man, first in the military and later, with the Alaska State Troopers as pilot of the agency's primary response helicopter, Helo-1.Jane Dale and Sabrina Dobson Parsons
Travel writer Amber Nolan is closing in on her goal of visiting all 50 states by catching rides on privately owned aircraft.Colleen Mondor
Though the National Transportation Safety Board has yet to issue its final report on the cause of the Soldotna plane crash that killed 10 people in July 2013, the weight and balance of the aircraft drew extra scrutiny in investigative documents.Colleen Mondor
Dick and Lavelle Betz spent decades flying fishermen in their "his and hers" Super Cubs to fishing spots by day, and returning for dinner at their wilderness lodge on Shulin Lake by night.Jane Dale
Photographer Jeff Schultz has spent more than three decades as official photographer for the Iditarod, meaning he's accumulated tens of thousands of photographs and just as many stories on the race. He shares some of each in his new book.Colleen Mondor