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Mark Madden of Anchorage shares what is in his flight bag and his favorite place to fly in Alaska in a new series introducing pilots from across the state.

Colleen Mondor

The group rebuilding an iconic Alaska aviation landmark recovered from a sandbar near the Tanana River in 2013 is making progress, but needs funding to continue their work.

Colleen Mondor
Through Christmas, Alaska saw 74 aircraft accidents that resulted in five fatalities, a marked change from 2013, when 35 people died in 94 crashes. But crediting the sharp drop to any one factor can be a tricky proposition.Colleen Mondor
With the addition of two new investigators to the Alaska office of the National Transportation Safety Board -- including the office's first-ever female investigator -- the agency is at its full complement in the state for the first time in more than two years.Colleen Mondor
In the early days of aviation, the Alaska fishing industry only slowly accepted the new mode of transport as a reliable method of getting seafood from point A to point B. But over time, the two industries became inextricably linked.Colleen Mondor
Despite worries its facility sponsor, FedEx, would pull out, the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering will go on as scheduled next year. FedEx announced this week it would allow the Alaska Airmen's Association to use its Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport hangar for the 2015 event, as it has for the past 17 years. Sean Doogan
Holiday shopping can be daunting, but take heart if you have a pilot, aircraft owner or aviation aficionado in your life; there are lots of things big and small that can be wrapped up for under the tree. Here are a few suggestions.Colleen Mondor
With drones, model planes and quadcopters considered hot Christmas gifts this year, a legislative task force in Alaska is trying to educate the public about operational rules designed to protect pilots and their passengers in a flight-dependent state.   Alex DeMarban
Five recently closed weather stations in remote parts of Alaska may not seem significant on paper, but no one's sure just how much pilots were using them for flight planning purposes, and the AOPA is trying to find out. Colleen Mondor
Troy Hamon's book "14 Days to Alaska" will have any pilot reliving their early days of flying, from the uncertainty and shakiness to the occasional heart-pumping moment of terror.Colleen Mondor