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Bush Pilot

Though the National Transportation Safety Board has yet to issue its final report on the cause of the Soldotna plane crash that killed 10 people in July 2013, the weight and balance of the aircraft drew extra scrutiny in investigative documents.

Colleen Mondor
Dick and Lavelle Betz spent decades flying fishermen in their "his and hers" Super Cubs to fishing spots by day, and returning for dinner at their wilderness lodge on Shulin Lake by night.Jane Dale
Photographer Jeff Schultz has spent more than three decades as official photographer for the Iditarod, meaning he's accumulated tens of thousands of photographs and just as many stories on the race. He shares some of each in his new book.Colleen Mondor
The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed a change to the Bettles airport lighting system that would reduce the airport's IFR capabilities. It is seeking comments from the public until Sept. 25.Colleen Mondor
Water landings offer a danger unlike any other, especially if a landing turns into a crash. But groups that train people to escape in the event of a botched water landing are frustrated that the general aviation community isn't especially proactive about training that could save lives.Colleen Mondor
Going off of the sheer number of aircraft and the myriad environments in which Noel "Merrill" Wien has flown, he may be among the most diverse, experienced pilots of his time.Joy Journeay
Ron Sheardown has flown around Alaska for decades, and traveled throughout the world's northern polar regions. In his time, he's been part of one of the highest-profile Arctic rescues in recent history and amassed a list of accolades for his extensive aviation experience.Jane Dale
When Alaska Central Express flight 51 crashed near Dillingham on March 8, 2013, it was the result of mistakes made by numerous people, both on the ground and in the air. As with all crashes, there are lessons to be learned.Colleen Mondor
Every year, with tragic regularity, Alaska's aviation community suffers through hunting season. A review of some common mistakes from the past can go a long way toward making 2014 a better season for everyone.Colleen Mondor
A collection of investigative materials from the National Transportation Safety Board sheds some light on a July 2013 plane crash that killed 10 people in Soldotna, including that the flight may have been overloaded and off-center when it tried to take off before crashing.Lisa Demer