Kylee Singh, statewide organizer for the Alaska Center for the Environment, will discuss effects of dams on watersheds, in particular the effects of the proposed Watana dam on the Talkeetna/Susitna river systems.  Bring your questions. 
Topics include the Apple iWatch and the newest Macbook.
Kirsten Swann, a freelance journalist who loves finding new ways to tell old stories; especially the ones here in Alaska, will speak
Get behind the scenes and learn about enhancing your motorcycle's performance with Screamin' Eagle Performance Parts.
Provides supervisors with skills necessary to solve problems and build customer loyalty, motivate others to give exceptional service and, most effectively, use technology in an increasingly service-oriented workforce.
Identifies the supervisor’s role within an organization and provides practical tools necessary to create a positive and productive workplace environment.
Learn about the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension).
Marketing for performers of all kinds, as well as writers, body workers, visual artists and crafters, and metaphysical practitioners!
Ever wanted to learn how to design a sustainable homestead in your backyard?
Artist Sonya Kelliher-Combs curates a conversation with global partners about the issue of food security in the Circumpolar North.
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