Prof. Stephen Haycox discusses his new book, "Battleground Alaska, Fighting Federal Power in America's Last Wilderness."
Learn how to eliminate toxins in your home.
Is your home free of of silent yet harmful gasses such as radon and carbon monoxide? Or free of allergens such as mold?
Can you imagine a time when the sky was blackened from thousands of birds as far as the eye could see? 
Hear from lawyers and a forensic scientist who worked on the Fairbanks Four case at this free event.
Vikings, roller derby, and the art of constructing a joke.
Ray and Barbara Bane traveled 1,200 miles by dog team across Alaska and at the end of that journey in 1974, they committed themselves to preserving the wilderness that they cherished. They helped draw the lines on the map for national parks across Alaska. Join Ray Bane and as he talks about his and Barbara's adventures and the controversy of those volatile years in Alaska history. He, along with co-author Kaylene Johnson-Sullivan, will be signing his biography, “Our Perfect Wild: Ray & Barbara Bane's Journeys and the Fate of the Wild North.”
Hear from curators Cindy Burlingham and Andrew Hunter from the Art Gallery of Ontario about "The Idea of North," an exhibition they curated with comedian Steve Martin about 20th-century Canadian painter Lawren Harris. Admission is half-price as part of the museum's Friday night series Polar Nights.
Connect with an expert to find out what they do, how they do it, and experience the engaging aspects of their work through an interactive project. Photo Archivist for the Atwood Resource Center, Sara Piasecki, presents an open-house style exploration of archived photos from the Collections. This drop-in gathering has a maximum capacity of 25 participants.
Come learn how important compost is to your organic garden and how you can safely and cleanly compost your kitchen scraps inside with worms in the winter - and year round. They will talk about commercial and home-made bins, answer your questions, and meet the worms involved. Kids love worm bins. No worm touching required.
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