Learn from the pros on how to plan, design and build a deck that you can use year-round in Alaska. At this energetic seminar, you will learn ways that will allow your deck to become a winter oasis, extending the footprint of your home.
"The Winter Bear" is a play that tells the story of an Alaska Native teenager who rises above the traumas of his past to become a leader with the help of Sidney Huntington, a Koyukon elder.
You are invited to join a panel of experts for a discussion about the breast cancer movement, the science linking toxic environmental chemicals and breast cancer, and prioritizing prevention through policy reform. Explore what is known about the causes of the breast cancer epidemic, Silent Spring Institute’s new approach to identifying chemicals that increase the risk of breast cancer, and what we can do, individually and together, to reduce our risks.
Panelists Edgar Heap of Birds, Princess Lucaj Johnson, Aaron Leggett and others discuss the different edges around the legacies of Captain Cook and other "explorers" who claimed and renamed places with a long history of use by indigenous people.
In this lecture, Iñupiaq scholar Edna Ahgeak MacLean, Ph.D., discusses how her recently published North Slope Iñupiaq dictionary plays a part in this process.
What do politics, poetry and narrative have in common? Isn’t politics, like sex, verboten at the dinner table or in polite society? If you think of Canadians as passive or ‘nice,’ meet a couple of writers who don’t hesitate to write about social and political issues.
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation's free energy efficiency class discusses how air leakage has dramatic effects on energy efficiency, building durability, and occupant comfort.
In this presentation, Greenlandic tattoo artist Maya Sialuk Jacobsen and Inupiaq artist Holly Mititquq Nordlum discuss pathways to cultural empowerment for indigenous youth by exploring the rich heritage of traditional tattooing.
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation's free energy efficiency class that will teach you the basics of windows and doors; considerations for their selection, installation, and performance; and available options.
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation's free energy efficiency class discusses the benefits of having a well-insulated and ventilated crawlspace, as well as best practices for ensuring this part of the home is energy efficient.
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