There are many issues facing Anchorage teens and young adults. How can you make a difference?
Six-legged mini beasts: "Insects of Alaska" presented by Jessie Moan.
What are the protective factors against drug and alcohol use? Learn what parents and our community need to know.
Sergeant Roy LeBlanc of the Anchorage Police Department will present on drugged driving and give an update on the current policy with marijuana, with Officer Steve Dunn, expert on Operating Under the Influence (OUI) and Driving Under the Influence (DUI).
Please join us to learn more about what we can do in Anchorage to help and address issues of substance abuse.
Centennial Symposium discussing Captain James Cook's third voyage to Alaska in 1778, and Anchorage's First 100 Years
Glen Klinkhart, author and retired 17-year Alaskan detective with extensive investigative history, discusses his book “Finding Bethany,” and the book’s success along with what comprised the writing.
UAA Leadership Conference features several workshops to challenge traditional leadership stereotypes, focusing on diversity, underrepresented skills, and issues faced by modern leaders.
Treat yourself to this introductory class where we will teach you the basics of the motorcycle world.
Join us for a forum exploring the costs of healthcare in Alaska and how they will affect our fiscal future.
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