Join Alaska's Congressional Delegation at the Midnight Sun Republican Women's Club Reagan Day Dinner!
Learn about the platforms we are bringing before our legislators, then raise your voice for Alaskans who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Join together under one cause, one people and one heart.
Quizz your mayoral and school board candidates.
This week Sam Combs will present the true story of the costs associated with the recently remodeled Legislative Information Office building on Fourth Avenue.
It's a big rich corporate club and you're not in it...
Monthly Turnagain Community Council meeting. All meetings are open to the public, and residents of Turnagain are encouraged to attend, stay informed and get involved with the neighborhood.
This weeks panel members Elvi Gray-Jackson, Dick Traini, and Paul Honeman will address the topic, "Anchorage Assembly: Future Challenges--Possible Solutions". This meeting is open to the public and lunch is available. This is a nonpartisan group named in honor of the late "Bob" Bartlett, Senator and Statesman, The father of Alaskan Statehood. We are focused on furthering knowledge and understanding of current issues and politics affairs, in general.
In 1543, before his departure from Spain to fight the French, Emperor Charles V left detailed guidance for his 15-year-old son Philip. The detailed written instructions, called "Como Ser Rey," have been transcribed by Rachael Ball and Geoffrey Parker in a bilingual critical edition. Ray Ball is an Assistant Professor of Early Modern European and World History at UAA.
"Doing Democracy" is a collaboration between Let’s Talk Anchorage, the Anchorage Public Library and Alaska Common Ground. 
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