Join the political revolution.
Meeting of the ATTHIA membership will do a recap of the summer activities and get an update on what is planned for the rest of the year.
Ted Galen Carpenter is senior fellow for defense and foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute.
A free, public forum on Alaska’s fiscal and economic future.
What do politics, poetry and narrative have in common? Isn’t politics, like sex, verboten at the dinner table or in polite society? If you think of Canadians as passive or ‘nice,’ meet a couple of writers who don’t hesitate to write about social and political issues.
Linda Dunegan discusses her life, dedication to the Alaska Air National Guard, and the challenges she faces in her new career
The GVEA board of directors and the public will be presented with various energy solutions from producers and shippers of natural gas to the Interior. The forum will allow for moderated questions from the public after presentations from Alaska's largest energy providers.
Learn to drive safely off-road first before dealing with traffic in modified off-road trucks. Ask the experts all about autos and driving.
Long time Anchorage group meets weekly, to focus on a broad range of politically significant people and issues. All points of view are welcome. These are significant times in the history of Alaska. Come, join us for lunch and share your opinion and your concerns.
Join other supporters of the Hillary Clinton for President campaign and enjoy some great barbecue.
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