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Gubernatorial and Senate candidates will answer questions developed by students from eleven schools from the Anchorage School District at a Candidate Forum at the Loussac Library’s Wilda Marston Theatre.
Join the Alaska Center for the Environment to celebrate and support its work to protect salmon, promote clean energy and build future leaders through its youth engagement programs. 
At this timely event historian Curtis Murphy (UAA History Dept.) shares his understanding of the critical developments in Ukraine and Russia today.
National Park Service historian Katie Ringsmuth (UAA History Dept.), anthropologist, author, oral historian Ann Fienup-Riordan, and  Inupiaq activist, leader, author and Willie Iġġiaġruk Hensley  (UAA College of Business) share insights on how to connect, research and uncover Alaska’s past. 
At this event there will be a discussion on the economic and social attitudes toward non-German migrant workers in Germany.  
Ray Ball shares her research on  the relationship between Spanish theatre and health care funding in the Spanish Empire.
Professor Ian Hartman discusses how white racial identity in the American South has shaped public policy and popular culture throughout  America.
Learn what offshore oil, tar sands, and fracking have in common–and the opportunities we have to protect Alaska’s waters and people.
Join a conversation about repealing SB 21.
Meet assembly candidate Mao Tosi at a volunteer and voter drive. 


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