In 1543, before his departure from Spain to fight the French, Emperor Charles V left detailed guidance for his 15-year-old son Philip. The detailed written instructions, called "Como Ser Rey," have been transcribed by Rachael Ball and Geoffrey Parker in a bilingual critical edition. Ray Ball is an Assistant Professor of Early Modern European and World History at UAA.
"Doing Democracy" is a collaboration between Let’s Talk Anchorage, the Anchorage Public Library and Alaska Common Ground. 
Traditionally, the Senate President and the Speaker of the House keynote this event and then in table discussions, Alaskans will have the opportunity to discuss key issues with their elected officials.
Help plan the East Anchorage District Plan and the Muldoon Town Square Park at this public meeting.
Guest speaker William J. Dobson discusses democracy today.
All-issues Rally. Bring your Alaska flag and signs and support progressive values. Stay for the debate and double your support.
Send a strong message to voters and the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce just before their U.S. Senate candidate forum in Anchorage.
Oil from Alaska’s North Slope has supported the state’s government and economy for decades. But oil production has been dropping—at the same time population and state spending have been growing and the government’s debt obligations, pension liabilities, and other costs have been increasing. What might all this mean for Alaskans?
Meet the candidates for Senate seats M & N and House seats 25, 26 and 28, Hillside and Abbott Loop areas. Hear and share opinions on the minimum wage, the Labor Ordinance AO37, Marijuana and more.
A bill recently passed by the Alaska legislature changes the duration of an Alaska driver’s license to match the expiration date of a resident immigrant’s documentation. Join us as we debate this new law, and discuss several other immigration issues in Alaska.
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