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Greenlandic artist Jessie Kleemann’s performances strive to evoke collective experiences between the artist, viewer and raw materials, creating a space where structural power can be unsettled.
This youth-focused event will provide university students with an opportunity to hear from international and local experts about how the dramatic stories of today’s rapidly changing Arctic can be shared through visual media like film, video games, photography, and social media, and how the youth perspective can be amplified through different communications mechanisms. (It is recommended that high school students work with their schools to attend).
This outdoor, free public event on the Museum lawn will feature live music by Pamyua, cooking demonstrations and samples provided by the Alaska Marine Conservation Council and Alaska Grown, as well as an interactive art installation highlighting the many facets of the North.
You are invited to join a panel of experts for a discussion about the breast cancer movement, the science linking toxic environmental chemicals and breast cancer, and prioritizing prevention through policy reform. Explore what is known about the causes of the breast cancer epidemic, Silent Spring Institute’s new approach to identifying chemicals that increase the risk of breast cancer, and what we can do, individually and together, to reduce our risks.
This Friday night series enlivens our nights through activities centering around art, culture, the environment and the way northern urbanites gather and meet.
Think, create and compose during this open gathering for all ages.
Upstream Wines, the featured wine of September hails from the Lodi Valley in California. Come experience their Cabernet Franc, rose and chardonnay varietals.
Enjoy a lunchtime classical concert for all ages presented by the Sitka Summer Music Festival.
With a single burner and an ultra-light pack, pre-packaged meals used to result in less than desirable dinners, but that’s changing. Watch backcountry experts flaunt their gastronomy skills and pick up some tips for your next trip.
Experience the museum in a new way and take a closer look at the “On Ice” exhibition.
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