BLM Campbell Creek Science Center

Mari Reeves, a biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, will share her knowledge of Alaskan amphibians and their mysterious limb deformities.
Learn how to recreate in the outdoors safely by being prepared.
Gardening may look complex but, with a little preparation and creativity, it’s so easy a child could do it.
Is the spruce bark beetle a natural inhabitant of the forest or voracious villain? Come explore the complexity of this common Alaska insect.
Does your family know how to behave in bear country? Come find out all about bears and ways to be safe in bear country.
Develop and fine-tune your birding skills and witness the progression of songbird migration through the Campbell Tract this spring.
Join National Park Service geologist Linda Stromquist to find out more about Denali’s dinos and the new understandings they’ve given researchers about the distribution and environment of these animals all across Cretaceous Alaska.
The North Slope Science Initiative (NSSI) provides a unique platform for federal, state and local agencies to coordinate research activities on the North Slope of Alaska.
When Slim Williams was making the first successful overland trip by dog team from Alaska to the Lower 48 in 1932-33, he was told that he was not the first to make the attempt. So, who was the first and what happened? 
Ebola. SARS. MERS. HIV. These are just a few diseases caused by viruses jumping from one species into another. How do viruses move from species to another? 
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