Cyranos Theatre Company

This tango of dominance between actress and director and woman and man is a laugh-out-loud study of the politics of sex and power guaranteed to charm. 
A modern Macbeth, featuring strong political overtones, contemporary dress and lot of intrigue.
A special panel on human trafficking in Alaska following the performance of Emotional Creature. With panelists Robin Bronen from the Alaska Institute For Justice, Jolene Goeden from the FBI and Josh Louwerse from Covennat House.
Journalist Mark Trahant, the current Atwood Chair at UAA and a member of the Shoshone-Banock Tribes, will talk about viral media and when "Natives Go Viral".
Announcing early auditions on Dec. 13 for David Ives' dark comedy "Venus in Fur," opening in May 2015 at Cyrano's. Rehearsals will begin in late March with Krista Schwarting directing.
Unique informative and entertaining opportunity to learn about the Native Peoples of Alaska as Anchorage welcomes the attendees to the Alaska Federation of Natives convention this year.
All are invited to enter Cyrano Theatre's contest. Just tell them about your most terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
A musical based on the famous book captures the joys, longings, complaints, wicked thoughts and sweet fantasies of childhood.
Special added free event at Cyrano's after the performance of "4,000 Miles."
A witty and wonderful play about matters of the heart and the closet.
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