Eagle River Ale House

The guest speaker will be Linda Leary, board member for the Rasmuson Foundation. The topic is on the state's fiscal crisis and their study on "Plan for Alaska's Future."
The Alaska Salmon Alliance will present the McDowell Group’s report on the economic impact of the seafood industry in Southcentral Alaska.
The Chugiak-Eagle River legislative delegation will hold a pre-session briefing. Present will be Se. Anna MacKinnon, Rep. Lora Reinbold and Rep. Cathy Tilton.
The guest speaker will be Commissioner of Revenue Randy Hoffbeck.
The guest speaker is Lisa Caldeira, director of Brother Francis Shelter.
The Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber will be holding its bi-monthly luncheon forum. The guest speaker is First Lady Mara Kimmel and the topic is "Anchorage’s Diversity – An Economic Engine."
A bi-monthly lunch forum featuring an update from JBER, including the 2016 Arctic Thunder event.
The Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber is hosting its bimonthly luncheon forum. The guest speaker is Mayor Ethan Berkowtiz.
The FBI will be doing a presentation on healthcare fraud.
The guest speaker is Tim Bradner with the Alaska Journal of Commerce, who will speak on solutions to the state’s fiscal issues.
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