Tap Root Public House

It’s the most extravagant multi-media musical comedy ever staged, and features what Alaskans like best — vicious political satire set to a happy, toe-tapping beat. 
Think it's just trivia? Think again.
Learn about how we all think and make decisions, which are not always conscious or rational.
"Dinosaurs of Rock and Roll" raising funds for Alaska Museum of Science and Nature where they feature dinosaurs.
Arctic Siren Productions presents a celebration of the Irish culture.
The Science Pub was created to educate the public on subjects that they might not normally hear about. Learn to love science and how amazing the world is.
The banquet will feature both silent and live auctions as well as live music from local bluegrass band and trout bums Hot Dish
The Cabaret show will feature Dawn Berg, Cami Donahue, Terri Mayeur, Peggy Monaghan and Laura Witham, backed by the Kevin Barnett Quartet. This is a benefit performance for the American Lung Association's Clean Air Challenge
Raise cancer awareness through the healing powers of music at the Rupa & The April Fishes Rhythm Heals concert. The concert is part of the 2015 Let Every Woman Know Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Weekend that is dedicated to cancer awareness through arts, community and education.
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