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At this event, the numerous challenges faced in co-writing another’s life story are addressed.
Indigenous elder teachings concerning movement into the fifth world is explained.
John Morgan’s new book., "Archives of the Air" and Jeremy Pataky who will offer readings from his collection, "Overwinter."
Linda Dunegan discusses her life, dedication to the Alaska Air National Guard, and the challenges she faces in her new career
Robert Madigan is UAA Professor Emeritus of Psychology. His new book, "How Memory Works and How to Make I Work for You" provides skills and techniques for improving memory function.
Speakers share their views on emerging scientific, climate, and indigenous issues in the Arctic . The relationship between local and global interests will be highlighted.
Ioana Lobontiu explores in writing and photography her return to Romania, her childhood memories and the overall theme “reality in relation to nostalgia”.
Contributors to Anchorage Remembers discuss the relationship amongst memoir, writing, and history.
Lynn Lovegreen reads and discusses "Gold Nuggets," the final book in her young adult gold rush series.
"Reptile House" is winner of the BOA Editions Fiction Prize.
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