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Brian Feltman 's research focuses on German prisoners of war during WWI where approximately 9 million soldiers became captives. At this event, the experiences of prisoners held in the United Kingdom and the effects of captivity will be examined.
At this event, Jeff Pantages reviews the causes and consequences of the Great Recession/Financial Panic of 2008/09
At this time travel event, poetry as history and poetry as science fiction come together.
Former Anchorage mayor Rick Mystrom discusses his books "My Wonderful Life with Diabetes and What Should I Eat?"
UAA Culinary Arts & Hospitality's Chef Vern Wolfram and his student apprentices spoil us with varieties of chocolate.
Logistics in the Falklands War is the first book to focus on the logistics aspects of the 1982 Falkland War between the United Kingdom and Argentina.
Philosophy professor Kristin Hanson discuss cultural values regarding the literati and intelligentsia in China, then and now.
Yasuhiro Ozuru analyzes the relation between comprehension, validation and evaluation of argument content.
Everyone is invited to come for creative writing readings and craft talks featuring newly discovered members of our local literary community.
The Spring 2015 Graduation Fair will take place at the UAA Campus Bookstore. 
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