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A complete compilation of Alaska Quarterly Review will be displayed for you to peruse and enjoy. From the first issue from fall 1982 to the current 31st in 2014.
Jervette Ward is Assistant Professor in the English Dept. at UAA.
UAA Faculty Irasema Ortega and Karen Roth teach distance education courses in the College of Education. Their work focuses on cultural sustainable instruction, STEAM curriculum (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics), the Chevak Teacher Education Initiative and the Early Childhood Programs.
Paul White is an assistant professor in the UAA Department of Anthropology with research interests in the legacies of American mining.
UAA Faculty Davin Holen, Ryan Fortson and Lia Slemons discuss teaching, their courses and their work focusing on Alaska.
Dr. Peter Olsson is the Alaska State Climatologist with the Alaska State Climate Center (ASCC). Dr. Birgit Hagedorn is manager of the Applied Science and Engineering Technology Labs (ASET).
Joan Naviyuk Kane is the featured artist in Alaska Quarterly Review Volume 31. At this event she will discuss Alaska Quarterly Review, and other writing opportunities for Alaska Native students.
Kenneth Bracewell motivates and helps veterans by sharing his experience with the Post 9/11 GI Bill and his success with it in his motivational book, A Veteran's Road to College Success.
Kirsten Dixon and Mandy Dixon present their newest cookbook and offer a special free cooking demonstration.