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A beginning ornamental and vegetable gardening course that will cover soil, plant nutrients, variety, selection, season extension, soil warming techniques, seed starting and transplanting, disease and pest control, weed control, planning a garden and more.
Learn how to properly prune shrubs and trees, how plants grow, when to prune, correcting prune cuts, pruning tools and more will be covered in this seated hands-on class.
This course will start you off on the basics of Spanish with the alphabet, pronunciation and beginning vocabulary expanding into basic phrases and complete sentences.
This course will cover the first phases of landscape design including site inventory, site analysis, conceptual design and preliminary design. Construction phasing, final design components and additional resources will also be discussed.
In this fun, hands-on art class, you get more than just beginning illustrations for a children's book. We will also discuss design of pages with illustration and words, character development, and even an introduction to publications. The class meets five times, on Wednesday evenings, Jan. 14 to Feb. 11 If classes are cancelled by UAA, you will receive a 100% refund of fees. To withdraw from a class you must notify the CE office of your desire no later than ten days from the start date of the class. Withdrawals will be assessed a $15 administration fee.
This sampler class, instructed by Teresa Ascone, is your opportunity to try out watercolor painting at an affordable cost.
UAA Continuing Education will introduce you to financial topics and help you develop the skills necessary to evaluate your personal finance situation.
UAA Continuing Education will teach you how to make perfect bows for flower arrangements and wrapping embellishments.
This is a supplemental course to help thesis/dissertation students format their documents in Microsoft Word according to UAA requirements.
UAA Continuing Education will help you review your Mac computer software.
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