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Alexandra West created a “fish carcass disposal system” to filter fish waste back into the water and prevent bear-human conflict. She's the first student UAA to be the sole inventor listed on a patent. Tegan Hanlon

High school athletes take part in the freestyle cross country ski race at Kincaid Park in Anchorage on Saturday, January 24, 2015. The boys raced 4 laps for 10.2 kilometers and the girls raced 3 laps for 7.6 kilometers. 

Bob Hallinen
The Alaska Bush Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints relies on teleconferencing to connect members in rural Alaska in services that span hundreds of miles.JoAnne Knight
A series of talks by a prominent theologian and a conference on how churches can address special needs highlight the work being done by Methodists in Southcentral Alaska.Chris Thompson
Take advantage of airfare sales to the Pacific Northwest or drive to convenient getaways closer to home. Scott McMurren
Where was the snow last week? I actually found myself wandering around the yard last weekend, visiting the summer greenhouse, checking on my tool friends in the shed just in case I need a dandelion tool next weekend, and starting the mower, just for kicks.Jeff Lowenfels

A meeting between two hot teams on a snowy Thursday night, Jan. 22, 2015, ended with the UAA women basketball team extending its winning streak while snapping Western Washington's. Inside domination combined with their usual feisty defense carried the Seawolves to their fifth straight win, a 71-58 victory that cooled off Western Washington, which saw its five-game winning streak end. 

Here in Alaska, with friends offering up their hunts, I’ve started making this one-pot wonder with a combination of beef and ground moose or caribou.

Kim Sunée
“It’s a social music,” said Joel Savoy of the Cajun Country Revival. “Back in Louisiana, we work, we cook, we drink and we play music. All of those things go hand in hand. It’s a way to unwind and celebrate and a way to feel the blues and it brings people together."Chris Bieri
A proposed ordinance that would ban marijuana cultivation facilities in the incorporated borough is up for public hearing before the Kenai Peninsula Borough assembly on Feb. 24. Laurel Andrews