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Rural Alaska

The spunky Torpedo Building is still standing at the airport in Unalaska, and though the state and city wish it were gone already, its status as a National Historic Landmark has delayed removal. 

Jim Paulin
After more than a week of drifting through Southwest Alaska down the expansive Kuskokwim River, a crew of men from Stony River arrived in Bethel Saturday afternoon with plans to cut up and sell the very raft they'd floated downriver on.Lisa Demer
As Alaska Natives increasingly move from eating traditional, natural foods to processed foods, rates of diabetes and obesity have soared.Yereth Rosen
When NANA Regional Corp. received patents totaling 178,814 acres from the Bureau of Land Management, it represented more than a formality -- it made shareholders’ traditional lands officially theirs.Jillian Rogers
For the second time this month, Bethel police are investigating the death of a dog, apparently caused by abuse. This time, the victim was a 3-year-old yellow Lab mix.Lisa Demer
Alaska State Troopers say five people have been arrested after 106 preparations of morphine and codeine were stolen from a village health clinic in Shishmaref.  Tegan Hanlon
A federal judge directed Alaska election officials on Monday to comply with the federal Voting Rights Act by expanding their language outreach to Yup’ik- and Gwich’in-speaking villagers for the November election.Richard Mauer
Sergie Chukwak, 47, was charged with forcibly resisting arrest and criminal mischief after he was arrested at Dillingham's Sea Inn Bar last week, said Dillingham police. Chukwak resigned his position on the Bristol Bay Native Corporation board of directors in 2012 when facing sex assault charges.Dave Bendinger
Since she can remember, Quana Lee Ticket has wanted to help people. And now, with a family and a dream she never gave up on, Lee has graduated as a physician’s assistant from the University of Washington.Jillian Rogers
The city of Bethel’s new pool and fitness center is set to open in early November after decades of bake sales -- and a $23 million state appropriation in 2012. The last barge of the year will bring furnishings and workout equipment. Lisa Demer