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Rural Alaska

The city of Bethel has hired an Anchorage lawyer to represent it in any cases that arise from last week’s officer-involved shooting and an earlier incident that resulted in a witness complaint of police brutality.

Lisa Demer
A 55-year-old man died near Dillingham Tuesday after his boat's motor exploded, throwing him in the water, where he apparently drowned, Alaska State Troopers say.Zaz Hollander
State health officials are investigating a cluster of possible botulism cases in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta that began with a shared meal of fermented fish heads, an epidemiologist said Monday.Lisa Demer
The three-minute video posted Monday by radio station KYUK shows an altercation Friday between a man and two officers in which he rushes them with a baseball bat, swings at an officer who had fallen, and ends up on the ground himself. Alaska State Troopers, who are investigating the incident, say the man was shot.Lisa Demer
More than 50 years after the U.S. government proposed blasting a deep-water harbor in Northwest Alaska, the Department of Energy is working hard to quell lingering doubts over leftover nuclear weapons in the region.Suzanna Caldwell
A 31-year-old man allegedly wielding a baseball bat was shot in the abdomen Friday morning by a Bethel police officer, said Alaska State Troopers. The man was flown to Anchorage for medical treatment.Tegan Hanlon
More than 20 years after his mother found a woolly mammoth tusk in a strange-smelling bend of the Fish River in Western Alaska, Andrew Harrelson returned to the scene Sunday morning and made a once-in-a-lifetime discovery of his own. Kyle Hopkins
Alaska State Troopers say a tribal police officer in the Southwest village of Tuntutuliak reported finding the remains of one of two men who went missing after leaving Bethel and never arriving for a funeral in the nearby village last October.Jerzy Shedlock
The North Slope Borough mayor and at least 10 other borough leaders are receiving salary raises of $18,286 to $26,736 this year. Officials say the pay hikes are meant to keep pace with raises provided to other borough employees beginning in 2010.Kyle Hopkins
Kotzebue's sea wall may have been built to prevent coastal erosion but it's turned into a gathering spot for locals and visitors.Suzanna Caldwell