Whaling crews and helpers took turns cutting up muktuk into bite-sized pieces Monday afternoon in Barrow as the celebration of Nalukataq marked the end of whaling season.

Jillian Rogers
The application by Bethel Native Corp., through Bethel Spirits LLC, for a liquor store in Bethel was put on hold Wednesday during a meeting of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board in Fairbanks.Alex DeMarban
The City of Dillingham’s petition to annex the Nushagak commercial fishing district has been re-filed with the Local Boundary Commission, starting what may be a yearlong review process.Dave Bendinger
The $5 million Packer Creek hydroelectric project -- a relatively simple run-of-the-river system -- is now operational and providing power for the village of about 70 residents.Hannah Colton
Rural residents on two parts of the Kuskokwim River will get another chance to fish for salmon Friday afternoon and evening, federal managers announced Thursday.Lisa Demer
Hundreds of abandoned and derelict vessels litter Alaska shorelands from the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta to the Aleutians to Southeast, and the cost of removing them is easily in the tens of millions of dollars.Lisa Demer
The Fish and Wildlife Service acknowledges that Arctic climate change is the top threat to polar bears, but it says its ability to take action is limited to tasks that fall short of greenhouse gas restrictions. Yereth Rosen
Federal managers had limited subsistence fishing and closed all fishing to nonrural residents -- meaning that visitors, newcomers and residents from outside 32 federally designated villages were not allowed to fish with any gear type. Under state management, that ban is lifted.Lisa Demer
Gov. Bill Walker has made it official: He is changing the name of a census area in Western Alaska from that of a slave owner who never set foot there to that of the region's tallest mountains.Lisa Demer
Moses A. John attacked two adults with knives, then fired rounds from a rifle at a group that included the adults he'd attacked earlier, as well as three children, troopers said.Alaska Dispatch News