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Rural Alaska

David C. Walcott and David R. Eneyuk, the village's only two village public safety officers, were both accused of assaulting their wives in separate alcohol-related incidents in the early morning hours of Sept. 6 and subsequently fired from their jobs. New Stuyahok has one village police officer. Officials hope to hire new VPSOs soon.

Dave Bendinger
Two leading Alaska Native tribal organizations on Wednesday petitioned the federal government to dramatically lower the cap on the number of king salmon that Bering Sea commercial fishermen can harvest as bycatch in order to protect the fish.Lisa Demer
Troopers said Pulcheria Yupanik was the only person on the ATV when it crashed on Airport Road, less than a mile from the turnoff to Pitkas Point, a tiny community in Western Alaska where Yukpanik was from.Tegan Hanlon
Authorities said they do not yet know what caused the fire at the abandoned Pentecostal Holiness Church early Monday morning.Lisa Demer
A summerlong hunt for a new city manager here will stretch into fall after the top candidate rejected the position Saturday.Lisa Demer
The Bethel City Council’s pick to run city government had an “abrupt departure” from his last job, in New Mexico, and a decade ago was forced out of his job in California, according to news accounts. Lisa Demer
The Bethel City Council, still regrouping after firing its city manager in May, on Wednesday was ready to move forward and offer the job to a former parks official from New Mexico. But the candidate – the only one flown to Bethel for an up-close look -- asked to have until Friday to decide. Lisa Demer
Members of the Federal Subsistence Board this week are making a rare field trip to Bethel and several Kuskokwim River villages to talk over subsistence issues broadly, this summer’s tough restrictions on king salmon and how to improve the system next time around. Lisa Demer
A trip to Europe by three local leaders is producing aftershocks along the Aleutian Chain, from Unalaska to Adak.Jim Paulin

The commercial chum salmon fishery in Kotzebue, Alaska just north of the Arctic Circle is the strongest it has been in years. With three buyer on the grounds and a strong run of fish fishers have been having a banner year. Watch as workers toss salmon into brailing nets and totes on the shore of Kotzebue Sound of the Chukchi Sea.

Bob Hallinen