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'Spirit of the Wind,' a film about Alaska musher George Attla, vanished after a boisterous debut in 1979. Now legal issues have been resolved and the movie is being shown again -- and offered as a DVD for the first time.Mike Dunham
Iditarod notebook: Vet checks are done, dropped dogs will get extra attention, and Jeff King could set a new fashion trend for mushers.
Rondy mushing champions Arleigh Reynolds and Egil Ellis both said they won't compete in future races at Sunday's mushers banquet.Mike Dunham
They won't be breaking any speed records, but a handful of Iditarod mushers keep coming back to Siberian huskies, the loyal, hardworking, sturdy breed that for decades has defined dog mushing in the North.Suzanna Caldwell
The three fastest bikers in in the Iditarod Trail Invitational left the Rohn checkpoint and headed north toward Nikolai and the finish line in McGrath. But difficult conditions await them near the old Farewell Burn.Craig Medred
Dogs haven't changed. Their personalities and the way we hook them up and run them is still technically the same. No, the major change has come with technology.John Schandelmeier
Arleigh Reynolds won the 2014 Fur Rendezvous sled dog race and then said it would be the last for him and his veteran lead dog, Guts.Mike Dunham
Following in his family's paw prints, Conway Seavey of Sterling claimed his second Junior Iditarod championship Sunday, outdueling Ben Harper for a two-minute victory in the 132-mile sled dog race.
Weather conditions all over the state have been wretched, even in the normally cold, snowy Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, meaning a lot of extra work for Iditarod mushers from the region.Suzanna Caldwell
Arleigh Reynolds remained the leader on the second day of Fur Rendezvous sled dog racing, while Iditarod champion Lance Mackey, who boasted he would finish last, moved up two places.Mike Dunham