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The bag limit for Kasilof Rivers reds was increased to six fish and 12 in possession.Alaska Dispatch News
A regulation put into effect in 2013 to protect Chukchi Sea walruses prohibits simultaneous operation of two drill rigs within 15 miles of each other. That means Shell's Chukchi well sites, which are clustered together, will have to be drilled sequentially, not simultaneously, an Interior spokeswoman says. Yereth Rosen
Anchorage police say they have not made any arrests in a Monday-night shooting in Mountain View in which the victim and assailant appeared to have known each other.Jerzy Shedlock
Police said the bicyclist was eastbound on O'Malley Road in an area where there are no bicycle lanes and was struck while trying to make a left turn. Tegan Hanlon
Megan Lindsey O’Connor, 26, was sentenced in federal court to three years for possessing a silencer, and being a known meth user in possession of firearms.Jerzy Shedlock
A burn ban was lifted Tuesday in many parts of Alaska, but remains in place in Anchorage and Western Alaska, the Division of Forestry announced. Laurel Andrews,Zaz Hollander
A federal agency installed weather cameras and took other steps in Alaska in recent years to aid the safety of sightseeing planes like the one that crashed last week and killed all nine people aboard, officials said.Becky Bohrer
We legalized pot in this state in February, so can you tell me how I got fired for THC on my drug test last week? I smoke in my house and on my own time and it’s none of my employer’s business. My buddies tell me I should sue my employer for violating my rights. Can I?Lynne Curry
Royal Dutch Shell's second Arctic drilling ship, the Noble Discoverer, is on the move from Washington to Alaska as the company prepares to explore for oil in the Arctic Ocean.Associated Press
Thirty-eight-year-old Benjamin Macmurray was arrested June 19 on a warrant for two counts of attempted murder and first-degree misconduct involving a weapon. He was accused earlier in June of shooting at another driver on a back road in Tok and pursuing when that driver fled.Alaska Dispatch News
Villagers collect down in the traditional style, pulling it from birds' nests. They hope to use it to make parkas and duvets to sell to buyers farther south.Eilís Quinn, Eye on the Arctic
LETTERS: Alaska Dispatch News readers weigh in on a Supreme Court decision and Medicare.Alaska Dispatch News
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State officials on Monday called on Alaska construction companies to ensure they have proper equipment and systems in place for excavation work, following the death of an Anchorage man in a trench collapse this month.Tegan Hanlon
As Ethan Berkowitz prepares for his swearing-in as mayor this week, he is relying on the professional expertise of his wife, an Arctic governance researcher and immigration attorney, to help shape his administration.Devin Kelly
A new study finds that Anchorage moose have greater genetic diversity than do moose on the Kenai Peninsula, and that the two populations have very different genetic structures. Yereth Rosen
The grind up Mount Marathon and the harrowing descent that follows in the annual Independence Day race on the 3,022-foot peak overlooking Seward is fraught with pitfalls.Alaska Dispatch News
Preserving history, preserving food and more. Mike Dunham
Carl Leedom, 27, was sentenced Monday to more than a half-century in prison for killing acquaintance Harvey "Charlie" Albright over a stolen backpack filled with cash.Jerzy Shedlock