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An unmanned barge that broke from its tow during a severe storm has been drifting in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska's Arctic Slope since Tuesday. Laurel Andrews
Middle school students from across rural Alaska will get the chance to attend a science and technology academy in Anchorage through a $1 million, three-year grant from Alaska Airlines, the company announced Thursday at the Alaska Federation of Natives convention.Lisa Demer
Russia says the new shipping rules for the Arctic and Antarctic, expected to go into effect in 2017, are too strict; critics say they still lack some important protections.  James Thomson, Barents Observer
OPINION: It was pointless for Rep. Don Young to get in a lather about whether suicide is an illness or a disease. This was not medical school. It was high school.Dermot Cole
In between delivering babies, Royce Morgan created Polar Airways, which enjoyed great success during the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.Jane Dale
As Alaska gardeners slowly comprehend that winter is fast approaching, I suppose we can all take comfort in the news from the New York Times that Anchorage will be the place to live when the last global warming skeptic finally admits New York City is underwater for some reason related to climate.Jeff Lowenfels
The newly elected governing coalition is planning increased military spending for each year through 2018.Radio Sweden
U.S. and European sanctions have taken a toll on the company's oil projects, and it is seeking sweeter terms and direct financial payments from the government.Atle Staalesen, Barents Observer
Local listings for Friday and Saturday.
Read about upcoming sports and recreation events in the Anchorage area.
An interfaith event Thursday night that ended with the launching of paper lanterns in support of victims of domestic violence led officials at Merrill Field to briefly reroute airplane traffic, while at least one vehicle on the Glenn Highway was hit, according to Anchorage police.  Matt Tunseth
The UAA volleyball team won its seventh straight match Thursday by knocking off 24th-ranked Central Washington.Beth Bragg
The Aces have lost their first four games of the hockey season, extending the worst start in the club's 12 ECHL seasons.Doyle Woody
“I was asked to remind that this is a nonsmoking venue,” said moderator Steve Johnson before the debate. “This seems particularly relevant.”Suzanna Caldwell
Letters: Readers have their say on Don Young, Mark Begich, Dan Sullivan, same-sex marriage and the splendid relief of ADN photography.Alaska Dispatch News

The UAA Seawolf Debate Team and the Alaska Dispatch News hosted a debate on Thursday, October 23, 2014, about marijuana legalization in Alaska.

Marc Lester

Inevitable fragility is, in a way, what “Groundwork,” a solo exhibit by Anchorage artist Keren Lowell, is all about.

Mike Dunham
Artist Keren Lowell's first big solo show, now on display at the Anchorage Museum, uses discarded material to create large-scale abstract fabric work. Mike Dunham
This buttery maple concoction comes with salted pecans. It’s like fall glory in popcorn form and it’s super tasty and addictive.Maya Evoy
There's a growing interest in “cultural tourism” around the world -- and that includes learning more about the history and lifestyle of Alaska’s native people. Scott McMurren