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The Alaska Democratic Party broke with long tradition Monday when its central committee voted 89-2 to not field a gubernatorial ticket and instead put its weight behind the independent campaign of Bill Walker and Byron Mallott.Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Readers weigh in on marijuana, the Mideast, guns and government.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Federal rule to hold tuition down at private tech and vocational schools will diminish opportunities for students. Dick Harrell
In a Q&A with Alaska Dispatch News, "Yukon Men" star Stan Zuray talks about what the experience is really like for those who throw their hats into the Alaska reality TV ring -- and about life in the village of Tanana, which has had more than its fair share of heartache this year.Kyle Hopkins
Veterinarians haul surgical equipment by boat and plane and operate in village kitchens and tribal courtrooms, providing a free service aimed at reducing the countless unwanted dogs in remote villages where there is no veterinary care and police are frequently forced to kill strays. Kyle Hopkins
A new teacher at Meade River School wondered what it would take to recycle abandoned soda cans. It turns out, not too much, with help and support from students and locals.Jillian Rogers
Alaska State Troopers are responding to a collision near the Byers Lake Campground that they say has left two people dead and one seriously injured.Michelle Theriault Boots
The Northwest Arctic community voted 60 to 47 in favor of keeping a ban on alcohol. Petitioners had proposed a city-run package store similar to one recently opened in Kotzebue.Jillian Rogers
New research finds that reduced ice cover is stimulating a new phenomenon in the Arctic -- extra blooms of phytoplankton occurring in the fall, just before freeze-up, in addition to the usual springtime blooms.Yereth Rosen
Under the expansion of a federal program that aims to improve nutrition for students, the Anchorage School District has greatly expanded its nutrition program, offering free breakfast and lunch for every student at 30 schools.Michelle Theriault Boots

After the military vacated its Whittier station in 1960, maintenance to the hulking Buckner Building ceased. All that remains today is a seven-story skeleton of toxic, dangerous and rusting debris that sparks imagination and conversation among visitors.

Erik Hill

The city of Whittier is in the early stages of figuring out how decrepit the crumbling Buckner Building might be, with the hopes of maybe -- and that's a big maybe -- bringing the once-great structure back from the dead.

Tara Young,Megan Edge
Troopers, rangers and mountain rescuers were summoned to O'Malley Peak twice over the weekend in separate incidents of hikers in need of aid.Alaska Dispatch News
As merger talks continued Labor Day between Democratic gubernatorial nominee Byron Mallott and independent Bill Walker, the Democratic Party scheduled evening meetings of its governing body to ratify a deal on a unity ticket -- if one can be struck.Richard Mauer
If Russia won’t buy seafood from the U.S., we won’t buy seafood from them. That’s the gauntlet being thrown down by Alaska’s congressional delegation to retaliate against Russia’s yearlong ban on food products from the U.S. and several other nations.Laine Welch
Why did your Twitter feed turn from a fun community to a threatening mob? Let's take a look at the factors that feed online bullying.Lynne Curry
Local listings for Monday and Tuesday.
Read about upcoming events in the Anchorage area.
OPINION: Raising the federal minimum wage would make a difference in the lives of 28 million people, including every single Alaska resident.Thomas E. Perez

The Matanuska River is closing in on Ed and Val Musial's home in Sutton. A planned project might be enough to route the river away, but it's dependent on the slow-moving wheels of government.

Marc Lester