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Alaska is going to vote on one of the most important issues we have ever faced as a state in just 20 days.

I’ve written in this space that it is a much more complicated issue than should be decided by the average voter -- and I still believe that is absolutely true -- regardless, we are still tasked with this decision.

As I said, the issue is complex, so complex that Ballot Measure 1 takes up significant space in its own 48-page election pamphlet. (It’s the only ballot measure on the August ballot since all the initiatives were moved to the November general election.)...

Mike Dingman

KENAI RIVER -- Dipnetter Doug O'Harra smiled ear to ear, despite a face splattered in mud and blood. That’s when the idea hit:

Ban the Color Run from Alaska. Ban it.

Come summer, real Alaskans are about blood and mud, or mud and blood -- not about prissy colored cornstarch.

The Alaska Boys and Girls Club should be embarrassed about hooking up with a multicolored scam. (Fundraiser or not, with income big or pitifully small as appears to be the case.)...

Craig Medred

The governor has the ability to veto any bill he does not think is in the best interest of the state. The people also have the veto through a difficult petition and election process as seen in Ballot Measure 1. ​Although we would default to the prior tax system, ACES, a citizen ‘veto’ of SB 21 does not create a new tax or prevent acceptable oil tax reform...

Rep. Paul Seaton

Matthew 19:14, King James Version: “But Jesus said, 'Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.' ”...

Elise Patkotak

At Alyeska Pipeline Service Co., we just successfully moved the 17 billionth barrel of oil through Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. And the TAPS workforce just reached 18 million work-hours without a serious on-the-job injury. These results are due to the skill, teamwork and Alaskan true grit of thousands of exceptional men and women...

Tom Barrett

Sometimes there's big money to be made prolonging a problem. One short sentence sums up nearly 20 years of work by the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council on trawl bycatch.

Since way back in the 1990s, when newspapers were just starting to take to the Internet, we've been told that the massive waste of large numbers of undersize halibut, king and tanner crab, king salmon and even small cod and pollock are an unavoidable consequence of trawling, and since our state and local economies are dependent on the trawl fishery, nothing can be done.

During the February 1997 meeting of the NPFMC a representative from the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans gave a presentation on how that country reduced trawl bycatch while catching ALL of its trawl quota...

Joe Macinko

A new study shows, for the first time, that ocean acidification is driving changes in waters vital to Alaska’s commercial fisheries and traditional subsistence way of life.

As one of our planet’s most under-recognized challenges, ocean acidification is emerging because the sea is absorbing increasing amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. CO2 concentrations are now higher than at any time during the past 800,000 years, and the current rate of increase is likely unprecedented in history. Ocean acidification is literally causing a sea change, threatening the fundamental health of ocean and coastal waters from pole to pole. And, as the new study indicates, the implications for Alaska may be profound...

Jeremy T. Mathis,Steve Colt
SB 21 needs to be rewritten

Why this Alaska Libertarian has decided to vote yes to repeal SB 21:

The crony capitalism beat goes on and on and on. Another taxpayer-backed big oil company and big government sweetheart deal. I am so disappointed that these elitists are willing to overtly squander more of our Alaska wealth due to misappropriations of big government and big oil businesses.

I propose a rewritten SB 21 that results in language much more friendly to the everyday and hardworking people of Alaska. Additionally, I favor allowing smaller energy companies a chance to compete and responsibly harvest our abundant supplies of oil and natural gas. Time to end lining the pockets of big business and career politicians.

God bless the free thinkers...

Alaska Dispatch News

Thirty years ago in Anchorage, a baker by the name of Robert Hansen was found guilty of murdering 17 young women over the course of more than a decade through the 1970s into the 1980s. He probably killed quite a few more. In his sick mind, he thought it was fun.

Now some people think Baker's deadly killing spree something to joke about. Here's radio commentator Shannyn Moore writing in a column in Alaska Dispatch News : "Maybe serial killer Robert Hansen could chair the Choose Respect Campaign. He knows a thing or two about women and violence. With this governor, don’t bet against it."...

Craig Medred

In reading Bill Walker’s recent column on why he would be voting yes in the August primary election referendum to repeal oil tax reform, it was hard to understand how he could come to that conclusion if he stepped back and critically examined his very own statements about the ACES tax structure.

While I admire his passion in arguing to return to the old, failed Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share oil tax, I could not help thinking he, in reality, made the case to keep oil tax reform intact and vote no...

Rick Rogers