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Bikers, please alert walkers and joggers

One additional suggestion to cyclists that Don Neal did not mention in his ADN Friday list of common sense recommendations:

Always announce yourself at least 25 feet before reaching walkers and joggers traveling in the same direction as you on a trail or sidewalk — “Passing on your left!”

— Jim Lieb Palmer...

Alaska Dispatch News

DENALI HIGHWAY -- There is more than a tinge of red on the hills. Recreation vehicles towing multiple ATVs are on the roadway. These signs of fall follow a relatively cold summer. Spring came early, but fall has been hanging on since late July. Cold and wet weather have had a big effect on the local flora and fauna.

Blueberries were late. Paxson has better berries than usual, though they are spotty. Tangle Lakes is good. The Maclaren Valley is great as usual, though extremely slow in ripening. If you are coming to the Denali to pick berries, prepare for rainy days. Knee boots and good rain gear are a must...

John Schandelmeier

Many of us bemoan the arrival of fall in Alaska because, as we like to say, “You know what comes after fall.” Although it makes for small talk, I think there’s more to it than that.

Fall is cozy. I think Alaskans are secretly excited to start to turn in again after a long summer of endless daylight and lost sleep. At night there are stars in the sky. The air gets cooler every day, reminding us of how exhilaratingly far north we are...

Alli Harvey

DENALI HIGHWAY -- The melancholy flowed down out of Crazy Notch like a river. Magic rode it straight into my heart. Good dogs die, but they never leave you.

Magic was the good dog who lived in the shadow of litter mate Arlo. Arlo was a phenom, a Labrador so black that if you looked hard at him he sometimes almost seemed to disappear. It was like staring into a black hole, an entity there but not there...

Craig Medred

I was surprised by Brant McGee’s recent opinion piece offering commentary and sharp criticism of the grievance and disciplinary process of the Alaska Bar Association. As a result of my service on the bar’s board of governors and my 32 years as a lawyer in Alaska, I believe he is wrong in both his facts and conclusions...

Ray R. Brown

"And how long have you lived here?"

We've all heard the question. It's the essential Alaska query that goes back at least to Gold Rush days and probably longer. At one time, it had more meaning than it does today. Alaska was a wilder place a century ago.

When you set out on the trail at 50 degrees below zero, you best know what you're doing. See Jack London's " To Build a Fire " published in 1908. It was a fictional story about a freezing Cheechako ("newcomer" for you newbies unfamiliar with the local lingo) who foolishly built a fire under the branches of a tree that dropped snow and snuffed it.

He died...

Craig Medred

It’s time to drive a wooden stake through the heart of the corruption that grips Alaska’s Legislature once and for all.

The same Chief Justice John Roberts that gave corporations and individuals the right to spend as much as they wish on campaigns also gave the rest of us the right to put them in jail if they demand and receive access to the public purse in exchange. What corporation would spend a dime on a campaign if it didn't buy access to the public purse?

Those on the right and the left wishing to combat political corruption need to stop talking past each other and pay more attention to what Roberts has been saying. This time, in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, Roberts clarified:...

Ray Metcalfe

I was recently invited to a Pioneers in Health Care in Alaska event. I suppose it was inevitable that at some point someone would call me a pioneer. That didn’t stop me from feeling 40 more gray hairs popping out of my head or my neck’s turkey wattle from shaking even harder. Then I stopped to think for a moment and the picture of the young woman who first came to Alaska and got involved in health care delivery in remote locations popped into my head. I realized she looked a whole lot younger than the person staring out at me from the mirror in the morning...

Elise Patkotak

The Republican Party has chosen their candidate to run against Sen. Mark Begich -- Dan Sullivan.

You might think now Joe Miller will assume his role as obstructionist and find his way to punish the Republican Party “establishment.”

Don’t be so sure about that.

Miller is doing something he didn’t do after winning the primary and losing the general election in 2010 -- he is playing nice with the GOP.

Why, you might ask?

In 2016 we will do this all again and many conservatives will be united to defeat another senator they consider too liberal for their tastes -- Lisa Murkowski...

Mike Dingman

My commentary (ADN, Aug. 14) on the Alaska Railroad easement suggests a common sense approach allowing other private and public uses and curtailment of the Alaska Railroad’s assault on both private property and public access. Linda Leary's commentary in response (ADN, Thursday) confirms worst fears: an uncompromising position excluding other private and public users...

John Pletcher