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Hand over responsibility?

Concerning the article (ADN Sunday) about Scott Hawkins seeking to restrict “nuisance” ballot initiatives: It is easy to understand why Hawkins and his affiliated groups would wish to eliminate voter initiatives. Even though it has been amply demonstrated that massive infusions of money can determine the outcome of an initiative, and that the Legislature can co-opt an initiative with the intent of gutting it later, it is all just so irritating to have to go through those steps...

Alaska Dispatch News

PAXSON -- “How’d you guys do?” queried the dude on the big Honda. My hunting partner and I looked in askance at one another. It was a question more suited for campfire conversation rather than a couple miles off road on an ATV trail. However, with the four-wheeler mentality of the hunting population in today’s world, the question may not be so off-key.

As recently as 1980, there were no ATVs on area trails. Off-road trails were the exclusive territory of the big Nodwells, and old converted military Weasels. There was the odd home-built swamp buggy and a few walkers. However, since 2008, more than 60 percent of Alaska hunters use four-wheelers. Because ATVs do not need to be registered with the state, any number is an estimate. My observation is that 60 percent is low...

John Schandelmeier

I often feel that my schedule is fighting plans to be outside. Meetings pop up when I want to run at lunch, evening events clog my workweek, and still dinner must somehow be created and consumed. Given the need to shower occasionally and look somewhat presentable at the office, it’s amazing I get outside during the week at all...

Alli Harvey

The level of hypocrisy and the contradictions coming from the “No on 2" supporters has really struck me.

Now, hypocrisy and contradictions in politics have always existed. However, what we are seeing this year is so blatant, it’s as if they think they can hide it in plain sight.

In the rush to show how much they hate “drugs,” those against Ballot Measure 2 and the legalization of marijuana have used extreme scare tactics including comparing marijuana to more dangerous drugs such as heroin and crystal meth.

This type of extremism leads to a dishonest discussion about how we should handle marijuana and poses an obstacle to understanding how we can best help those struggling with addiction, rather than criminalizing them...

Mike Dingman

The U.S. Senate voted two weeks ago on a proposed constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision, which opened the floodgates to unlimited campaign spending. The proposed amendment would give Congress and the states the right to control the flood of money corrupting our elections. It failed to pass the Senate even though it won a majority of the votes (54-42) because constitutional amendments require a two-thirds majority of the Senate and House to move a proposed amendment to the states for ratification.

We the People Alaska, a coalition now active in 12 Alaska communities, believes our state Constitution intended for people to run Alaska and not “artificial persons” or entities, such as corporations, unions and other associations...

Gershon Cohen

FAIRBANKS-- Gov. Sean Parnell has made it a recurring theme of his campaign that oil production on the North Slope is no longer falling because the Legislature approved his bill to cut oil taxes.

"We've stopped the drop in this year -- that was a direct result of Senate Bill 21," Parnell said in a Juneau debate Monday with independent gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker.

The “stopped the drop” statement is based on a comparison of oil production in the fiscal year that ended June 30 with the one that preceded it. During fiscal year 2013 and 2014, oil production was nearly identical...

Dermot Cole

It has been three and a half years since the beginning of the Syrian uprising in March 2011 that came after the mass demonstrations in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen.

The Syrian regime has transformed gradually into a powerful military force engaged in a desperate conflict with the Syrian people. Bashar al-Assad seeks to drain Syria of its financial and human resources, and, more critically, destroy its social fabric by creating an odious sectarian and civil conflict. The peaceful revolution was confronted with live bullets, which harvested the souls of the finest of Syria’s youth, such as Ghyath Matar, Hamza Al-Khatib and many many others...

Radwan Ziadeh
Sullivan has plan for better Alaska

Just one day into his new role as Alaska’s attorney general, Dan Sullivan called me requesting a meeting to discuss making Alaskans safer. Two days later we were sitting down talking the nuts and bolts of how an unprecedented effort to combat domestic and sexual assault in Alaska’s communities should look. Within weeks, Dan was spearheading the governor’s efforts to combat the epidemic of abuse that has been plaguing Alaskans for decades. Dan was developing and executing a plan to bring the most comprehensive and coordinated effort this state has ever seen...

Alaska Dispatch News

It has now been more than four years since then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi explained to Americans why she had to push the health care reform bill through in such a rush: “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill ... and get away from the fog.”...

Sen. Lisa Murkowski

About this time, a month out from the election, my friends usually call me for advice. They are just starting to pay attention and want to know who I am supporting. This year my decision is based on choosing respect.

The men and women of the Alaska National Guard have been in the news lately. The good news about rescues, firefighting, deployments, training and emergency preparedness are reported regularly. I am grateful for the guard’s dedicated people who are always here in time of need...

Dan Kendall