Senators must take action

I voted for both Sens. Murkowski and Sullivan, thinking they were going to change the way business was done in D.C. But now I see Republican leaders are no less dishonest than what I thought the Democrats are. Last week Sen. Ted Cruz exposed the Republican leadership for what they are — dishonest. They lied!

Murkowski and Sullivan ran as conservative Republicans; now is the time to back up their words up with action. Stand up and support what Ted Cruz said and turn our party around. I am fed up with the Republican party bosses screwing me and this great country. Are Murkowski and Sullivan with the conservatives, or with the party bosses?

— Steve Epperheimer Kenai...

Alaska Dispatch News

With the federal highway trust fund running on empty this week, the sensible thing for Congress would be to raise the gasoline tax to provide money to fix our crumbling roads and bridges.

But Congress isn’t sensible.

The federal gas tax, now 18.4 cents per gallon, hasn’t been raised for more than 20 years and brings in about $16 billion less a year than the nation spends on highway projects...

Dermot Cole

I disagree with President Obama on a few issues, and didn’t vote for him either time he was elected. But I agree with his course of action regarding Iran. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA) presented to us on July 14 took two years of extensive cooperation, and represents a comprehensive solution to the current nuclear crisis. Many stand against the principle of the deal, and came out against it before details were even available. Those voices argue that any deal not ending with the Iranians on their knees is not worth the paper upon which it is written. They argue that war is preferable...

Bryan Box
Thanks to fire chief

I’d like to thank Fire Chief John Fullenweider and his wife Debbie for all those years of service to the city of Anchorage. Well done.

-- Roy Callaway Anchorage

Peaceful solutions sought over bombs’ destruction

Aug. 6 is the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, by our Air Force. Aug. 9 is the 70th anniversary of our nuclear bombing of Nagasaki, Japan.

Scientific American reminded me by publishing an article titled “Remembering the Blast” in this August’s issue. Two victims of those bombings describe their experience with nuclear radiation, burns, cancers and deaths that have been estimated at over 200,000 dead...

Alaska Dispatch News

Heroin is killing Alaskans at alarming rates, and unless we do something to address the problem now, it will only get worse. Heroin-related deaths in Alaska tripled between 2008 and 2013. In 2012, the rate of heroin overdose deaths was 42 percent higher than the national rate. Alaskans are no strangers to the heroin and opiate abuse crisis killing our friends, family and neighbors. We read reports weekly of heroin seizures, ruined lives, overdose deaths and grieving families. Recently, we read that heroin is taking an unprecedented toll on Alaska (" Public health officials find steep rise in Alaska heroin deaths, overdoses ," ADN, July 14)....

Sen. Johnny Ellis

DILLINGHAM -- I spent more than half a century being inoculated by Kenai Peninsula insects, so when I was warned, prior to moving to Dillingham, that Bristol Bay bugs swarmed thick and fierce, I thought, “We’ll see. We’ll see.”

After all, some Junes on the Kenai unleashed a veritable contagion of wings. Even a rousing bath in DEET failed to keep all of the needle-bearing invaders at bay.

Driving on the flats outside of Sterling during a particularly notorious outbreak, I once considered simply peeing my pants rather than braving the bug-filled alders...

Clark Fair
When will we stop erasing mementos of Confederacy?

Since the South Carolina church shooting there has been an unending push to remove or ban all Confederate flags from government buildings, stores, online sales and even from long-standing state flags like that of the great state of Mississippi. The origin of this push for removal and banning is the belief by many, not all, that the Confederate flag ONLY represents the oppression and enslavement of black Americans. I certainly cannot and will not attempt to alter their beliefs, nor should they attempt to change the beliefs of the many who view the Confederate flag in other terms. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs...

Alaska Dispatch News

The oil industry can't be blamed for avoiding taxes. It’s the American way. But if the Alaskan public is not to be spun around a cylinder on a spiral ridge by artful corporate tax dodgers, the technically educated in the state government and their community colleagues had better pencil down hard...

John Havelock

It's not often that I read letters to the editor about my columns, but this week was just too good. The president of a oil industry support group - read cheerleader and chief for the rah rah petro club - called my column from a few weeks ago "nonsensical gibberish." Sorry, that just made me laugh again. If my writing is so nonsensical then why do they have to send out a hired gun to say so. I mean, really dear reader, you'd know gibberish if you read it. Right? Just so we're clear. I am as anti oil drilling as Mothers Against Drunk Drivers are against cars. Notice there isn't an organization fighting safety features in cars. Maybe Ms. Petro Rah Rah isn't aware of the failure of safety mechanisms or their testing....

Shannyn Moore

When good sense overcomes the nincompoopery of politically correct cultural cleansing in the name of “diversity,” it is, well, heartening. Take the flag fiasco at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, for instance...

Paul Jenkins