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I am an ardent Walker/Mallott volunteer who has for a long time enjoyed Alaska’s political scene. So I must admit bias in my posts regarding our new governor, Bill Walker, and lieutenant governor, Byron Mallott; however, even I cannot believe how amazed I have been by Gov. Walker’s actions since he won the election.

Throughout the campaign I had gotten to know candidate Bill Walker as a man of his word -- old-school, Alaska-style. This is a terribly rare quality anymore, but seeing that quality in action is just a beautiful thing. The whole nation should be watching and taking notes of how we roll in Alaska!...

Tara Jollie

With elections behind us, it's time to get to the business of growing Alaska's economy. A principal part of any strategy must include proactive policies that will reverse the decline in Alaska energy production.

Alaska has suffered a dramatic decline in recent decades in part due to federal regulatory uncertainty and litigation in our critical energy industry. Whereas the Lower 48 has seen energy production shoot up 77 percent in the last five years, due largely to state and private ownership of mineral rights, Alaska's average oil production has plunged from more than 2 million barrels per day in the late 1980s to approximately 540,000 today -- dropping the state to fourth nationwide in production...

Carl Portman,David Holt

This holiday season, the most important card any of us can receive is a health insurance card, along with the security and peace of mind that quality, affordable coverage brings with it.

We are all just one accident or unexpected diagnosis away from needing health insurance. Yet, for generations, millions of Americans have found that quality coverage is out of reach … until now.

Quality health coverage is available, thanks to the Affordable Care Act and the Health Insurance Marketplace...

Susan Johnson
Surcharge is hidden tax

It is time to call to task the ocean freight companies on the fuel surcharges they are charging every man, woman and child in Alaska. These fuel surcharges that were originally implemented to insulate the freight companies from the volatility of high oil prices, and are not negotiated in the rates, have become instead a vehicle to enhance their profit margins. Oil prices have slipped more that 40 percent since summer, but only one of the 3 major freight companies have reduced the fuel surcharge, and that was only by 2 percent...

Alaska Dispatch News

Why is more of the halibut resource wasted in the Bering Sea than landed and sold? Thirteen out of fourteen fish in the central Bering Sea will be wasted next season. Overall the entire Bering Sea will only have 2.4 million pounds of halibut that can be sold in 2015 while over 6 million pounds will be killed and thrown overboard as bycatch...

Buck Laukitis

“The times they are a changin’,” and you can feel the wind without a weatherman. If ever Bob Dylan’s lyrics were apropos, they surely are now.

But some folks can’t resist resisting the sweep of history. Respect for cultural differences notwithstanding, history is sweeping new definitions of family and women deep into mainstream culture...

Steve Haycox
Let’s buddy up on Glenn Highway

In response to Mr. Frank Baker’s letter concerning the Glenn Highway commute: One of the biggest problems has to be single-occupant vehicles. Look around on your next commute home and I would bet at least nine out of 10 vehicles have only one occupant. RideShare, People Mover. Problem solved. Buddy up, people.

— Marvin Hadenfeldt Anchorage

Keeping the community safe

Thank you to investigators with the Anchorage Police Department and the technical unit of the Alaska Bureau of Investigation for the work you do in arresting child sexual predators...

Alaska Dispatch News

In her Alaska Dispatch News commentary published Dec. 2, " Ridding Alaska of honey buckets is a good but all too familiar goal ," Elise Patkotak paints a bleak picture of the sanitary conditions in rural Alaska, which is true, because many village residents still must haul water and use honey buckets. However, in other villages, sanitary systems have been installed and health conditions are improving. So is the glass half full of dirty water or clean water? A little more information will help the readers decide...

Jim Nordlund

I had the recent privilege to serve on Gov. Bill Walker and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott’s transition team to provide dialog on the issue of subsistence in Alaska.

There were other members including the Outdoor Council (Fairbanks and Southeast), members from Native communities of the Kuskokwim, Copper River, Southeast, and Northwest Alaska. The experience was a very positive one because of the attitude and respect shown by each member’s input.

There was a unified consensus that the dual management system was not what most Alaskans want now, nor in the future. All agreed that a unified system must be developed to include the Native tribes as well as the federal and state systems...

Roswell Schaeffer Sr.
We don’t need a new board

Sen. Lesil McGuire should remember that Republicans are supposed to be about small government and businesslike efficiencies. Why hire a bunch of new employees (another board), at the additional cost of approximately $1.7 million dollars a year, when we already have experienced personnel regulating a controlled substance?...

Alaska Dispatch News