I usually try not to tweet things that aren’t real. In fact, under normal circumstances, I try to be a good internet citizen and do everything I can to avoid passing on fake stories. Wednesday’s event, where I took the staged, now viral , #ShellFAIL video at the Seattle Space Needle , was obviously an exemption to that rule -- but one I considered carefully, and was glad to take...

Logan Price
TO: U.S. Department of Justice CC: U.S. Congress

Dear Feds,

As you may be aware, Alaska receives a large amount of federal dollars each year, a higher percentage per person than any other state. But a recent analysis by the University of Alaska Anchorage's Institute of Social and Economic Research has determined that the amount of the people's money coming to Alaska has contracted slightly since peaking in 2005...

Scott Woodham

OPINION: With the filing deadline for Alaska's federal and state legislative races closed last week, the menu of candidates for 2012 features both new and old political names.

So exactly who are these people and what do they want?

In the aftermath of Alaska's redistricting, the changing landscape of political boundaries in the state has caused a mass rush to the campaign trail. This year 59 out of the 60 legislative seats will be up for grabs, and with the new alignment of districts many incumbents will find themselves in tough races.

While the 40-member Alaska House of Representatives will stay firmly in Republican hands, the big prize is control of the state Senate, where a 10-10 split has fostered a bipartisan coalition since 2007...

Andrew Halcro

Not long ago, I passed a milestone that doesn’t really mean much but is a nice round number. Twenty-five years ago, I drove a Ford Courier pickup from upstate New York to Fairbanks, Alaska. I rolled into town in August, started college in September, and have lived here ever since.

Twenty-five years isn’t such a long time, but it’s longer than I’ve lived anywhere else. Scientists consider one quarter-century a long-term study, and I wish I followed that professor’s advice long ago when she urged I stake out a forest plot and measure its changes through the years. And I should have picked up a few pounds of gold back when it was $326 per ounce instead of $1,600.

Other things have changed in 25 years...

Ned Rozell

Alaska state Senate President Gary Stevens has often said: “Alaskans saw fit to elect 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans to the Alaska state Senate -- that wasn’t an accident.” In 2007, we worked across party lines to forge the Senate Bipartisan Working Group, and that group still holds strong. Today, I’m proud to report: bipartisanship is working in the Alaska Senate, especially for seniors...

Johnny Ellis

I find it interesting that with all the talk of taking back the Alaska state Senate and getting more Republicans elected to the Legislature, the current and new leadership of the Republican Party of Alaska continues to fight with each other, both accusing the other side of trying to destroy the party.

I am a first-time candidate who was inspired in 2007 by Ron Paul to get involved in politics and to do my part to change the path of the country by getting true fiscal conservatives elected to office.

However, I do not view the movement as a vehicle to create divide among people and create factions within the party...

Jeff Landfield

Aren't polls fun? Travel and Leisure, a magazine, does one about how people dress and all the media heavyweights pick up on it.

The Washington Post : "Polls says residents of Alaska's largest city are worst dressed in the nation.''

The Boston Globe : "Poll names Anchorage residents worst dressed.”...

Craig Medred

Editor's note: The following commentary first appeared at Dr. Widerquist's Alaska Dividend Blog and is published here with permission.

The Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) is cursed with interesting times. The relationship between Alaska’s oil exports and the size of the dividend is complicated. Four important factors that affect its size are facing increased uncertainty and possibly moving in different directions...

Karl Widerquist

Editor's note: A version of the following commentary was first featured in Make-A-Scene , a monthly community publication serving readers in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. It is the seventh installment in a series through which Mr. Kohring intends to tell his own side of the federal probe of public corruption in Alaska...

Vic Kohring

This week Travel & Leisure magazine released their list of the worst dressed people in America, and low and behold Anchorage took home first prize . For men, this shouldn’t be a surprise as the only thing that remotely resembles an apricot scarf in our hometown is the apricot dried fruit mix at REI.

And so it goes...

Andrew Halcro