I got into this race 10 weeks ago because I saw Anchorage through my children’s eyes. Through them, I see the potential of a vibrant, diverse and united community that embraces its many cultures and perspectives.

Over the 10 weeks, I have stayed focused on how we make Anchorage safe, secure and strong for all of Anchorage’s residents. I’ve put forward ideas for improving public safety, building workforce housing, educating and training our children for Alaska’s jobs and diversifying Anchorage’s economy. I enjoyed the many debates with Andrew Halcro and Dan Coffey and others where we put forward a positive vision for Anchorage...

Ethan Berkowitz

JUNEAU -- I knew I’d hit a new low in parenting when I tried to convince my kids that we should stay home and watch cartoons instead of going on a previously planned tidepooling excursion in nature last weekend...

Libby Bakalar

On Sunday, April 26th, Dr. Jerry Prevo, the Pastor at Anchorage Baptist Temple, made the comment that Ethan Berkowitz had once said on his radio show that he ‘would not be opposed to a father marrying his own son’.

Roughly 24 hours later, the fill-in for my radio show on KFQD asked candidate for mayor Amy Demboski to comment on Pastor Prevo’s statement.

Laying in bed with a newborn in my arms, my phone began to ring – family, friends and media outlets… ‘Ethan Berkowitz was co- hosting the show with you, you were there. Is it true…?"

It was a debate I had preferred not to engage in, but a conversation I remember well and a day I will never forget...

Bernadette Wilson

Turnout, if not truckloads of cash, will decide this week’s Anchorage mayoral contest. Ethan Berkowitz, former Democratic legislator, has the lion’s share. His opponent, Amy Demboski, a conservative, has an electorate that largely mirrors her views in many areas.

As important is the question of who supporters of Dan Coffey and Andrew Halcro in the April 7 general election will vote for in Tuesday’s runoff. While both claimed to be Republicans -- Coffey for a few weeks, anyway -- neither has been of much help to Demboski. In fact, Coffey has been downright spiteful. Demboski teed off on him in the general election and it is time for payback...

Paul Jenkins

I’ve been crisscrossing Anchorage from Girdwood to Eklutna: sharing meals and conversations, and seeing the strength of our city. I’ve been inspired and energized by the opportunities our city is poised to achieve. I ask for your vote for mayor so we can make Anchorage safe, secure and strong together...

Ethan Berkowitz

As long as I can remember, I have been so grateful for all of the freedoms and opportunities we are blessed to have as both Alaskans and Americans. I was raised in Alaska, and now I am raising my own family here. I graduated from Chugiak High School in 1994 and went on to earn degrees from the University of Alaska Anchorage in justice and history. I subsequently obtained an master's degree in business administration, with an emphasis in finance, from Columbia Southern University. I have 20 years of private sector experience in Alaska...

Amy Demboski

I daydream at traffic lights. I make up stories about the cars and people around me. While visiting Anchorage this week, I found myself doing it again. A woman who looked a bit like me was behind the wheel of a U-Haul. I imagined that she, like me, had been watching the legislative meltdown and reading headlines about mayoral candidates -- maybe, possibly -- endorsing incestuous, pedophiliac, same-sex marriages, only she’d actually decided to throw her life in a truck and find someplace a little less bat-guano crazy to live. You go, girl. Yes, the Legislature, not nearly finished with its work, just voted itself a two-week vacation. Juneau is apparently just too noisy for the delicate sensibilities of our legislative king-babies....

Shannyn Moore

Many issues that come before the Alaska Legislature spark lively conversations. Our vast and diverse state is filled with people of varied opinions and perspectives. We talk about politics, education, oil taxes, fishing and many other matters important to Alaskans for different reasons.

While there are plenty of issues on which we might disagree and debate, there are a few bedrock principles where we find consensus. Keeping our children safe is one of those guiding principles and uniform goals, but it is clear that Alaska has a lot of work to do on child safety...

Sen. Berta Gardner,Sen. Lesil Mcguire,Rep. Geran Tarr
Firefighters are lifesavers

I would like to thank the paramedics and firemen at Fire Station 7 near Jewel Lake for saving my father’s life last Friday night. I called 911 when my father started complaining he was not feeling well and then was completely unconscious. When the emergency personnel arrived my father was unresponsive. The paramedics arrived quickly, assessed the situation, used the AED to shock my father’s heart and performed CPR until he responded. My father is alive today thanks to the quick response of these well-trained professionals. You are heroes in my book.

— Tina Suellentrop Anchorage...

Alaska Dispatch News
For the benefit of us all

State employees are Republicans, Independents and Democrats.

When state employees are working for the people they serve, they work together for the benefit of all.

Alaska legislators need to work together for the benefit of us all.

Some legislators are working for the benefit of moneyed special interest groups who are not Alaskan.

— Sherrell Holtshouser Anchorage...

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