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Appalling to beat 4-year-old

Regarding the case of NFL player Adrian Peterson punishing his son by beating him with a switch (a tree branch) to the point where the child sustained bruises and bleeding on his buttocks, legs and scrotum: I find it interesting that no one has focused on the fact that this kid is only 4 years old. Four years old! Really? What could a 4-year-old possibly do to deserve a beating like that?

Absolutely nothing makes this OK. There is no excuse. I’m appalled.

— Jackie Endsley Eagle River...

Alaska Dispatch News

It’s a sad truth that the way people campaign is a good indication of the way that they’ll govern. Sean Parnell must be counting on collective amnesia because he wrote in an editorial that, “When Bill Walker takes a position he’s demonstrated a willingness to change it.” Given the Parnell record of flip-flops, his personalized attack is particularly brazen.

Facts are pesky things -- and a partial list of the pesky facts about Parnell are that:

He was for ACES before he was against it.

He was for AGIA before he was against it.

He was against paying down pension debt before he was for it.

He was against tribal recognition before he tepidly went along with it in limited instances...

Ethan Berkowitz

After first speaking out in defense of their action, the University of Alaska Board of Regents finally yielded to public protest by withdrawing the $320,000 “retention incentive” bonus given to President Pat Gamble to supplement his existing $320,000 annual salary, benefits and handsome retirement income. One problem and several points of concern remain...

John Havelock

On Nov. 2, the Washington Redskins will play the Minnesota Vikings in a National Football League game. That the Vikings have a running back who switched his son with a stick until he bled is one issue. The other is that the game will be played at the University of Minnesota football stadium and its president has asked that all reference to the offensive nickname “Redskins” be deleted from uniforms, advertising and commentary.

The Washington football franchise has a history of racism. The then owner, George P. Marshall refused to hire black players until 1962 when the Kennedy administration threatened civil rights actions unless the team was integrated...

Alan Boraas
Sitting by the phone waiting for oil companies to call

I read recently that BP experienced a job spill of over 400 employees. Alaskan voters — are you still sitting by the phone waiting for Big Oil to call? Guess what? They are just not that into you!

— Kelli Mahoney Wasilla

Tired of being the dumbest person in the room

I am voting yes for Maui Wowee. Scientist have shown that continued marijuana use lowers a person’s IQ eight points. I am tired of always being the dumbest person in the room. So I am voting yes on Ballot Measure 2.

— John Suter Chugiak...

Alaska Dispatch News

In a recent fundraising email that made its way to a cover story in the Alaska Dispatch News , Gov. Parnell claimed my challenge of his Point Thomson settlement was intended to stop development: “Bill and his law firm are still fighting the state in court to stop the Pt. Thomson project, where over 700 people were working this summer. Alaskans cannot afford the job loss and lost economic momentum a Walker-Mallott ticket will bring.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Point Thomson is the largest non-producing oil and gas field in North America. The delivered value of its oil and gas is about $160 billion at today’s prices...

Bill Walker

With an upcoming mayoral election and the re-occurring debates about the records of Dan Sullivan and Mark Begich, I hope we can renew our focus on sound management within the Municipality of Anchorage. For the record, I was staff to both Dan Sullivan and Mark Begich when they served on the Anchorage Assembly.

As a current member of the Anchorage Assembly, I am very concerned about two trends in the Mayor’s Office: Mismanagement and cuts to the police force...

Elvi Gray-Jackson

A dedicated mother bicycles through the cold Anchorage streets at midnight. She has just finished her shift at work, and is on her way to see her children. But she is not on her way home. Despite her full-time job, this hard-working mother can’t afford a car or even a bus ticket, so it’s no surprise that she can’t afford a home. She’s pedaling through the dark to spend the night on a church floor, one of many in Anchorage participating in the Emergency Cold Weather Shelter program. When she arrives, she will kiss her children, then sleep on the floor for a few hours, before waking early to head off to her next shift...

Rev. Matt Schultz

Ken Burns’ documentary "The Roosevelts," showing now on PBS television, conveys a powerful lesson on the critical role of leadership in formulating and achieving policy, particularly policy that works for the majority of Americans rather than a minority. Born patrician, Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt each dedicated their lives to public service that would empower and protect the mass of ordinary people -- in Burns’ telling, not for glory, but for good, because it is right. The list of contributions to the quality, and equality, of American life made by the three is not just impressive; it’s a catalog of public morality...

Steve Haycox
Raise the minimum wage

As a retired Alaskan senior, it hurts to see how hard-working folks who have entered the labor force in the last 20 years have to struggle to make ends meet. I was lucky to begin and end my career before corporations, and our elected representatives who hand out corporate welfare, chipped away at the middle class during the last couple of decades. Today a full-time minimum wage worker in Alaska makes $310 a week. This does not even come close to enough to support a family faced with the high costs of housing, food and energy in Alaska...

Alaska Dispatch News