It was disappointing and upsetting to see Gary Ferguson speak against our efforts to build a life-saving road between King Cove and the nearby Cold Bay airport ("Izembek road won’t help King Cove, will hurt refuge," June 27). It may be easy for him to pass judgment from his comfortable Anchorage home – a mere 20 minutes, by car, from the best hospital care in the state – but that hardly excuses his attempt to keep nearly 1,000 other Alaskans in harm’s way...

Henry Mack

I remember that day so well. My mind travels back so comfortably and quickly.

I was running and yelling and thoroughly enjoying afternoon recess at St. Francis of Assisi Grade School on Market Street in the heart of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Our school was surrounded by endless tree-lined streets filled with row houses and town houses. It was late in the fall but the day was warm and sunny. I was enjoying playing with my old chums from last year’s second grade. But now we were older and bigger third graders...

Francis Gallela

What’s in a flag? By the dawn’s early light, and even at night, flags, or banners, are almost everywhere these days. Auto dealerships. Fast food establishments. Fancy hotels. Even so, flags are at their most evocative and dramatic, their most emotive, as emblems of nations (past, present and potential) and ideologies (past and present)...

Ken Landfield

When Nelle called and asked me to make a potato salad for the annual Haines Volunteer Fire Department’s Fourth of July barbecue I said, you bet. Chuck, who is the chief, had already called to ask me to write the proclamation in honor of Fireman Al’s retirement. Al Badgely is our town’s only paid firefighter. He’s also the training officer and an EMT. He has taken care of us all for over 25 years...

Heather Lende
Jackson tribute downtown on Fourth

A tribute to the life of Tlingit elder William J. Jackson will take place at 10 a.m. Saturday prior to the Fourth of July Parade at the corner of West Seventh Avenue and K Street in downtown Anchorage. The public is welcome to attend.

The leader of “Naaka Quaa Yatxi (Children of the Land), Jackson taught generations of Alaska Native young people traditional values as well as Tlingit dance and drumming. Many of his students will attend the tribute.

For nearly 10 years Jackson carried the Alaska flag as he led members of Bridge Builders from many cultures when they honored and celebrated America’s birthday by marching in the parade...

Alaska Dispatch News

While some may recognize the source of the quote, "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" as one of Shakespeare's plays, few can identify the context in which it was spoken. In point of fact, the statement is made by Dick the Butcher, one who supported a challenge to the throne in Shakespeare's "Henry VI."

Whether the context of the remark was that to establish a totalitarian dictatorship it would be necessary to get rid of the lawyers and the laws they protected, or if it was the speaker's suggestion the supposed utopian society that would follow the overthrow of the government would only be a true utopia without lawyers, remains a matter of some debate and much interpretation...

Dale Walther
No overtime for legislators

Reading the paper the other day, I saw how our governor could save some money. The people working in the capital on the budget sure made a bunch of extra money on overtime. I think if they can’t get the job done in the allotted time, they shouldn’t get paid overtime. It should be on their own dime.

— James Christenson Willow...

Alaska Dispatch News

Summer recess can come none too soon for the U.S. Supreme Court—some of those folks clearly need a timeout.

The dissents of Justices Antonin Scalia and John Roberts to last week’s decision on the same-sex marriage for Obergefell v. Hodges removed any doubt these supposed judicial leaders of our society have fallen into "partisan rancor" that "impedes their ability to carry out their functions." Ironically, those are the words of Chief Justice Roberts describing the dysfunction of Congress in a speech in 2014...

Nancy Wainwright

This summer may kill us with kindness.

The anxiety started in May. The sun stayed out later and later. So did I. As I filled up my calendar with indoor work meetings and tasks, I wished I could create a daily block of 9 a.m.-5 p.m. dreariness followed by sudden and endless sunshine. I know that sun and warm weather is a precious resource in Alaska, and it’s wrong to squander it on a work day.

When sunshine hits and I am available, I take it. I don’t ask questions. I don’t think about whether I’m tired, sore, or fed. I just go and do stuff outside as long as the sunshine lasts...

Alli Harvey
Snide-meister in rare form on Sunday

This past Sunday (ADN, June 28) hyperventilating Paul Jenkins aimed his gloomy spotlight on President Obama for exaggerating a claim regarding gun violence in America. This criticism came from a master of hyperbole. But Jenkins’ description of the president as a “pimp” for gun control is unconscionable. Such a statement demeans the office of the U.S. president, it insults Mr. Obama, and it affirms Paul’s bigoted bloviator bona fides.

However, Jenkins thoughtfully asks in conclusion of his op-ed, “How do we stop malevolent hatred?” I suggest for starters the snide-meister stop promoting opinions that inspire extremist beliefs.

— Ken Flynn Anchorage...

Alaska Dispatch News