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Where’s the natural gas for Railbelt electric power and heat going to come from when the existing Cook Inlet fields are depleted?

The answer for now can only be multiple-choice: New Cook Inlet fields; North Slope reserves; imported LNG from Canada, Russia, Australia or the Lower 48!

Fifteen years ago anxiety surfaced over the prospect of running out of natural gas in Southcentral. About 70 percent of all the Railbelt’s electric power and heat is generated with natural gas, so high anxiety is more than justified...

Jan Konigsberg

Recent reports make it appear that the Anchorage School District has miraculously found $22 million in new money.

This is not true. We did not find a pot of gold.

Instead, Superintendent Ed Graff directed his financial team to scrub the numbers early in our school year to analyze spending levels and make predictions for the coming year, all the way out to June 2015...

Eric Croft

Under the Alaska Constitution, the Legislature is told that the “entire state shall be divided” into boroughs. “Each borough shall embrace an area and population with common interests to the maximum degree possible.” Standards for the boundaries of boroughs are required to include “population, geography, economy and transportation among other factors.” No way can you conclude that all “unorganized” territory on the Alaska map qualifies. The “unorganized borough” must provide for “maximum local participation and responsibility.” Where did that go?...

John Havelock
Priorities for Alaska

An open letter to Bill Walker from a friend who voted for him.

Dear Gov.-elect Walker: I echo Kevin Clarkson’s congratulations and reminder that you now work for us as Alaskans. (“An open letter to Bill Walker from a friend who didn’t vote for him,” Nov. 18). I am also anxiously waiting to see what you’ll do as the first independent governor of Alaska...

Alaska Dispatch News

With the election over, Republicans and Democrats in Congress, including Alaska’s three elected leaders, are all pledging to support people who work hard and play by the rules.

If that’s true, then a good place for them to start is by investigating a recent fraud involving nearly 1,500 accident victims who have lost almost a billion dollars in insurance payments though no fault of their own.

A lifelong Anchorage resident, I am one of the victims of this fraud. Many years ago, while riding a motorcycle in California, I was struck by a car whose driver was not paying attention.

The damage to my body was massive and permanent. Since the other driver was at fault, her insurance company agreed to pay damages. This is where my problem started...

Reggie Kelley

Each year, April 15 is widely met with feelings of pressure and anxiety. That’s right, it’s tax day. Some people sweat, many procrastinate -- and a few simply deny it. Luckily, there is a special group of well-trained volunteers who don’t mind tax season at all. In fact, this group welcomes the months leading up to tax day and spends this time helping minimize the stress -- and maximize the returns -- of fellow Alaskans...

Larry Rundquist,Maureen Haggblom

Alaska is in the midst of a crisis. In fact, it has been for at least five decades now...

Brionne Elkins

As Bill Walker and Byron Mallott prepare to lead we Alaskans for the next four years, I humbly share my experience based on watching changes of administrations over the years, be it in Washington D.C., or in Alaska.

The honeymoon will be painfully short. And the window for the “Unity” ticket to make big change will only stretch slightly longer. So being decisive will be important for the Walker administration, from the first day, from the inaugural speech...

Alice Rogoff

Alaskans know about airplanes and flying. No other state’s residents fly as much as we do. So we know every plane really ought to have two wings. Same with birds. There are no halibut-style birds, with two wings on one side of their bodies. I find government works best with matching wings, one on the left, one on the right.

For the last few years, we've been trying to fly the Spirit of Alaska with two right wings. As a result, our captain, co-pilot and the rest of the crew never really got us off the ground. They didn’t kill us, they just spent most of their time just taxiing in the wrong direction. Now, at long last, we’ve got a chance to get airborne...

Shannyn Moore
Common sense needed

I would just like to comment upon and congratulate William Ehrens on his well-written opinion on the absurd controversy over prayer at wrestling events. Whatever happened to common sense and common courtesy. His analogy of dinner at a friend’s home who says a short prayer was spot on. Most of us would not refuse to participate. Too bad the folks in charge seemed to have lost this perspective.

— Tim Rittal Anchorage...

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