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Walker-Mallott ticket is a lesson in compromise

My daughter just started second grade at Chugach. When I dropped her off last week, she asked me to help with her “Good Citizens Care” workbook. One of the questions was: “You are working on a project with a partner. You want to write about snakes.

Your partner wants to write about frogs. He won’t listen to your idea. What would you do?”

The answer was “Good citizens agree on something that works for everyone. They compromise.”...

Alaska Dispatch News

Remember the disgraceful trial of our late, great Sen. Ted Stevens? In dismissing the public corruption case against Stevens, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan said of the conduct of the prosecutors: "In nearly 25 years on the bench, I have never seen anything approaching the mishandling and misconduct I have seen in this case." As a result of prosecutorial antics like hiding exculpatory evidence, Stevens ended his distinguished career branded a “defendant.”...

Marcelle McDannel

PAXSON -- There is termination dust on the peaks, typical for early September in the Alaska Range. Expect snow to stay until late June.

But in spite of the white summits, the fall has been fairly mild. Usually the tundra is brown by Sept. 5, the brilliant dwarf birch leaves gone and only the willows with color. On Sept. 8, the colors remained brilliant and the blueberries were still hanging in there, not yet too soft to pick. And, this morning, while out above the brush line, I heard the long drawn-out whistle of a hoary marmot...

John Schandelmeier

Shooting wolves and coyotes when they are at the den with young pups. Using artificial light to take black bears and their cubs in dens. Using food like stale bread and bacon grease to attract grizzly bears and then shoot them.

These are not the Alaska hunting practices I learned growing up in Southeast Alaska, and they weren’t the sport-hunting practices that Congress anticipated some 35 years ago as it debated the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act. Today, those practices are legal in much of Alaska. The state and its Board of Game use these and other means to reduce the numbers of bears, wolves and coyotes to boost the populations of moose and caribou. In doing so, they are following the laws passed by the Alaska Legislature...

Joel Hard

It’s not very often that you get to stand in a room and witness history being made. I was honored to be on the 10th floor of the Captain Cook Hotel and watched Bill Walker and Byron Mallott do just that.

Standing on the shoulders of a giant, in the room that Walter Hickel built, Byron Mallott stepped aside from his position as the Democratic nominee for governor and joined with Walker on what is being billed as the “unity ticket.”

Walker alluded in his speech to advice he received from Hickel. He said that Hickel told him to skip the party system and run as an Independent. Walker failed to take that advice and ran as a Republican in 2010. This time Hickel’s advice has come into use...

Mike Dingman

As the referendum on legalizing marijuana grows closer, many discussions need to happen about the pros and cons of the issue. But the suggestion that having a discussion with your children about legalized pot is unknown territory puzzles me. I can tell you unequivocally what my parents would have said to me because it would have been the same thing they said to me about alcohol. Until I was 21, it was illegal for me to indulge. If I did, then my mother assured me she would send me to Kingdom Come. I wasn’t sure where that was, but given the tone of her voice, I was pretty sure I didn’t want to go there...

Elise Patkotak
Native voting ruling baffles

Regarding the Sept. 4 front-page article titled “Native speakers win suit”:

U.S. District Judge Sharon Gleason’s ruling that the state Division of Elections failed to provide ballot and candidate information in the Native Yup’ik and Gwich’in languages flies in the face of anything remotely reasonable. The upshot of this decision is that the last primary election was illegal and the results should be ruled as such! We need a new primary election after providing Yup’ik and Gwich’in language election information? And the general election, hardly two months away, will likewise be in the same situation if Elections doesn’t satisfy the current demands of this federal judge?...

Alaska Dispatch News

At the recent United for Liberty debate that was live-streamed on and is still available online , Dan Sullivan said he would get rid of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Sullivan's proposal would be devastating for military service members because it would eliminate the Office of Servicemember Affairs, which is focused solely on protecting service members from financial predators.

I'm a veteran of the Iraq war. It is offensive that Sullivan would throw service members under the bus to placate the Wall Street banks that are contributing to his campaign. Those same banks have ripped off service members in the past...

Shaina Kilcoyne

I'd like to take a moment and address some of the misconceptions discussed in the New York Times article on changes in the blood banking industry recently reprinted by Alaska Dispatch News on August 23. The majority of the article concentrated on conditions specific to the Lower 48. In Alaska the need for blood is much different for many reasons, such as geography, competitive presence, population growth and service area. Although the story said the need for blood donors was in decline across the country, that does not accurately depict the situation in Alaska...

Robert Scanlon

Down $150,000 in legal fees and looking to waste a couple weeks in a courtroom in Glennallen with his pocketbook hit daily to the tune of thousands of dollars, Jimmy West in August decided it was time to fold his hand in an unwanted wager with Alaska law enforcement.

The Anchorage businessman cut a deal, took a plea and ended what was shaping up as one of the state's more interesting trials, pitting the stars of one Alaska reality TV show, "Alaska State Troopers," against the star of another, "Wild West Alaska."...

Craig Medred