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The first time Wayne barked at Annette, she raised an eyebrow and asked, “Bad day? You’d prefer I come back later?”

“Now’s as good a time as any,” he snarled. “You people push for this and push for that. You think you’re the only people who count. What’s this f---ing email you sent?” Annette got up and left his office.

Wayne sent her a stormy email, which she forwarded to her supervisor, Wayne’s supervisor and Human Resources. The next day, a chastened Wayne responded with the information Annette had requested...

Lynne Curry

If it was easy to get to and thousands came, this place would be destroyed. The walrus would leave and the flowers would be trampled. Some places are best left unspoiled and protected so that other generations, years from now, may come and sit in solitude and observe the things we were blessed to see.

In 1960 the wise people in the newly formed state of Alaska created the Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary, about 65 miles southwest of Dillingham. At that time we, as a people, promised to keep those seven islands with their miniscule coastlines a safe haven for a small portion of our walrus population...

Betsy Palfreyman

If the political left is anything, it is prone to bouts of hypocrisy. The public is catching on to the sad reality that a rational person must take anything liberals say - anything - with a grain of salt.

Take, for instance, the left’s obsessive fascination with the industrialist brothers Koch, who early on became a convenient burr under Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s saddle. He hand-picked them, targeted them for a cynical disinformation campaign, a bit of political theater that would do ol’ Joe Goebbels proud. If the Kochs did not exist, Reid would have been forced to invent them...

Paul Jenkins

Earlier this year I received a loose-leaf notebook bulging with documents that detailed the sexual assault coverups and corruption in the Alaska National Guard. I spent a few months compiling information and interviewing as many people as would talk, trying to understand the players and the broad outlines of a mind-blowing scandal with real victims.

People talked to me even though they were afraid. Terrified, actually. For years those who had spoken up against crime in the guard had had their careers destroyed. Nevertheless, a handful of brave souls tried to sound the alarm -- even going directly the governor to enlist his help. They got nothing but retaliation...

Shannyn Moore

To hear Dan Sullivan tell it, Sen. Mark Begich cast “the deciding vote” in favor of Obamacare.

That is, unless you believe the TV ads in Arkansas, where “Mark Pryor cast the deciding vote to make you live under Obamacare.”

Or Louisiana, where “Mary Landrieu cast the deciding vote for Obamacare.”

Or New Hampshire, where “things got much worse after Sen. Shaheen cast the deciding vote for Obamacare.”

Or Montana, West Virginia, North Carolina, Minnesota, Colorado, Ohio, Florida, etc., etc., all states with senators who cast “the deciding vote.”

According to the Republican Party, each of the 60 Democrats who voted for the Affordable Care Act in December 2009 qualifies as “the decider.”...

Dermot Cole

HAINES -- I sat on the moss, watching my husband cup his hands and make the long nasal whine of a cow moose in heat, and though it is usually kind of funny, I hope he didn’t notice my tears. I can’t help it. Three months ago, Chip couldn’t take a deep breath...

Heather Lende

In the coming days, the Alaska Department of Law is expected to issue a memo to local clerks stating what most Americans already believe: Same-sex couples must be granted the same legal privileges, including the right to marry, that opposite-sex couples have. That memo will rectify an injustice that has festered in our state since territorial days and confirm that this debate is over, that those who want the government to discriminate against LGBTQ people have lost.

I and many other LGBTQ Alaskans, along with our straight allies, will celebrate this moment, and rightly so. However, I’ll celebrate it not as a grand victory but as a temporary solution that will allow us to move toward a much more significant goal: getting the government out of marriage altogether...

Egan Millard
Elections book shows anti-pot bias

I just received the Division of Elections vote book for 2014. The section that asks Alaskans to say yes or no to the legalization of pot is a blatant campaign against pot. I am to understand that the voting info booklet we received is supposed to present the pro and con of an initiative in equal share. I am getting sick of the manipulations by heavyweights in Alaska who will do anything to change outcomes to their favors. It is my opinion that to vote against the pot initiatives is to vote in favor of keeping its control in the hands of gangsters and the illegal elements.

-- Pat Wendt Soldotna...

Alaska Dispatch News
Headline was intended to inflame

I’m extremely disappointed in your choice of headlines for the Katie John piece by Fred John Jr. It says, “Alaska doesn’t need a senator who’d sue Katie John.” That is intended to inflame passions against Dan Sullivan. No one is suing Katie John and no one is going to. Go online and look for Katie John v. Norton. The case is long and complicated. It revolved around who has jurisdiction over navigable streams that were conveyed to the state at statehood.

Fred John points out how magnanimous Tony Knowles was when he visited Katie John’s fish camp before deciding whether to support the state’s position. What Knowles did was curry favor with a large voting block at the expense of the state...

Alaska Dispatch News

What an incredible development! Here in Alaska we have managed to produce an independent ticket for governor made from an alliance between a longtime Democrat and a longtime Republican. These two men are willing to work together for what they believe is in the best interest of the state, each man making adjustments to their positions in order to include the other. Inclusion, what a novel political idea. Each man has decided that he can live with the differences the other brings to the ticket. Their joint hope is to focus on the issues that both men feel are more important, issues like economic development, education, open and transparent government and equal rights. This is democracy at it’s finest...

John Staser