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The 49th Estate: Harry Crawford's habitat


The 49th Estate is our answer to MTV's "Cribs," a weekly tour of Alaska homes and interviews with their owners.

Harry Crawford, a Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, lives in a Muldoon home with his family and three pets. His home is filled with mementos from past adventures and art picked up at local garage sales. o ignored

Harry Crawford's home shows signs of the many interests of a large and active family. Crawford, who is originally from Shreveport, La., has traveled all over the world in his career as an ironworker. His work led him up to Alaska, where he worked on the constuction of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline. He has many items from different cultures in his house, from a portrait of an Egyptian hieroglyphic painting to a large Japanese fan.

The walls of the Crawford house are hung with pictures and artwork, many of them pieces depicting Louisiana and Alaska, frequently garage sale finds. Much of the artwork reflects the personal tastes of different members of the family.

This story was updated to correct a factual error; we originally reported incorrectly that Harry Crawford is running for governor.

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