The lawyer representing former Assistant Attorney General Libby Bakalar says he intends to seek damages at trial.

Dr. Anne Zink said she’s been subjected to more physical threats recently as a gubernatorial candidate calls for her firing and constituents ask Gov. Dunleavy to remove her.

Musher Jaye Foucher was on a training run when a pickup slammed into her team along the Parks Highway.

The money isn’t guaranteed, but the state has earned about as much in the first half of the fiscal year as it budgeted for in the entire year.

Experts say Dr. Barbara Knox ignored birth injuries in accusing an Eielson Air Force Base couple of battering their 3-week-old baby. In over a dozen cases, Knox’s assessments of child abuse have been rejected by medical specialists, child welfare authorities, law enforcement or the courts.

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.1 centered deep beneath Cook Inlet shook Southcentral Alaska, including Anchorage, on Thursday night.

Other Alaska athletes came heartbreakingly close to qualifying. And retired superstar Kikkan Randall will be an Olympic presence too — from an NBC broadcast booth in Connecticut.

Mi Jung Sherrod was under the influence of drugs when she ran a red light and struck Tom Lee at Arctic Boulevard and International Airport Road early June 24, according to court documents.


So far, record COVID-19 case counts are not translating to a crush of hospitalizations. 

Four people, including a baby and a teen, were found in Canada near the U.S. border in what authorities believe was a failed crossing attempt during a freezing blizzard.

Justices issued a brief written order Wednesday afternoon, with a longer legal explanation to come at a later date.

Messing recently won his first Canadian national championship. He shares thoughts on his recent success, becoming a father and the Beijing Games.

U.S. Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan joined other Republicans in opposing the legislation, but said they supported changing the Electoral Count Act.

Gardening: Simply put, with the right lights we can grow anything we want during an Alaska winter.

Steven Downs of Maine had been a student at the school at the time and lived upstairs in the dorm where Sophie Sergie’s body was found.

When worn properly, N95s can filter out at least 95% of particles in the air, including the virus that causes COVID-19.

The $2.3 million for Alaska tribes from the Department of Transportation will pay for projects from Klawok to Huslia.

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