It’s up to Mayor Dave Bronson to implement the three-month, $2.4 million plan, and he has so far declined to say whether he will.

Steven Downs was convicted by a Fairbanks jury in February of the murder and sexual assault of Sophie Sergie, 20, of Pitkas Point in 1993.

The National Weather Service had cautioned that landslides were possible, but no major warnings were issued.

Three Chinese ships and four Russian vessels, including a destroyer, were spotted in a single formation last week, the Coast Guard said.

Seismic stations in Sweden, Norway and Finland registered explosions Monday near the leaks.

The award-winning musical is joined by three other productions as part of the 2023-24 season.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has endorsed a bipartisan electoral count reform bill in the Senate, giving the legislation a key boost over a similar bill the House passed last week.

The governor has appointed Greg Wilson to replace longtime commissioner Dan Seamount.

The data for the study, published Tuesday in the British Medical Journal, was taken from a popular period-tracking app called Natural Cycles and included people around the world.

The Inflation Reduction Act, signed into law this summer by President Biden, is one of the most significant actions the U.S. government has ever taken to address climate change. It could also lead to more mining in Alaska.


A related study, part of a Bering Strait-area research program, finds that telemedicine delivers faster follow-up care to children with ear problems.

Jyzyk Sharpe agreed to serve 10 years in prison in a case stalled by polygraph appeals and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Permanent Fund dividend has been a focus as the election approaches, but conservative supporters of a convention also want to end ranked choice voting and reshape abortion access, public education and the judiciary.

Some companies say the policy supports the employees without sacrificing productivity, and can save money.

Also, the Gumbo House downtown is moving after Pangea restaurant closed. Gift shop Cabin Fever will soon temporarily close, to reopen early next year.

Golovin was hurt worse than other places in the Norton Sound region by the remnants of typhoon Merbok as it swirled up through Bering Sea last weekend. Repairing the damage is going to take time — and the clock is ticking on winter’s arrival.

Officials say they could build around 25 new cabins, and are particularly focused on building them in accessible spots.

Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan joined other Republicans in Congress in signing a letter to the Department of Education decrying a proposed Title IX rule.

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