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AK Beat: Trial set for Alaska Airlines passenger involved in emergency exit fiasco

  • Author: Craig Medred
  • Updated: September 27, 2016
  • Published July 7, 2013

What not to do in Alaska Airlines exit row: Trial date has been set for the man accused of trying to open an emergency exit on an Alaska Airlines flight from Anchorage to Portland, Ore., back in May. Alexander Michael Herrera pleaded not guilty to attempted destruction of an aircraft and interfering with a flight crew, federal charges he will dispute Sept. 3 in a Multnomah County Federal courthouse. Witnesses said Herrera asked them, "What would you do if I open the exit door," before trying to pry it open -- he was ultimately subdued and tied up by other passengers -- despite the fact that physics and deadbolts would have thwarted his attempts, anyway.

Stuart Creek 2: State forestry and wildfire officials have ordered residents living between mile 18 to mile 34 of Chena Hot Springs Road, near Fairbanks, to evacuate their homes as strong winds continue to push the Stuart Creek 2 fire closer to the area.

Fire crews are protecting homes and structures as residents flee to Fairbanks, and report heavy smoke and ash falling in the Two Rivers and Pleasant Valley areas of Chena Hot Springs Road.

This is a developing story. Please return for updates.

Record season for bloodsuckers? It could be one of the most uncomfortable jobs for Alaska-based troops: summers spent chasing the northern mosquitoes, massive and bloodthirsty, then catching and testing them for various maladies or bloodborne diseases. Summer 2013 has been a particularly bad one for mosquitoes, with record-breaking heat and little rain, mosquitoes have thrived as Alaskans and tourists swat and curse and worse. Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson just released a news video that offers an unofficial skeeter census; turns out nearly as many were trapped in June as were trapped the entire summer of 2012. Here's video showing how to fight back:

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