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Alaska Little Leaguers bake in desert tourney heat (and like it)

  • Author: Craig Medred
  • Updated: September 27, 2016
  • Published August 8, 2012

Alaska Little Leaguers visiting San Bernardino, Calif., for this year's Western Regional Tournament were feeling the burn Tuesday when area temperatures started going above 110 degrees.

The Alaskans make up one of five teams playing -- along with Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington and Oregon -- in the Northwest Division at Regionals, and needless to say, they're used to somewhat milder temperatures. Say, 50 degrees milder.

The Press-Enterprise, of Riverside Calif., describes the team of Alaskans as "a pale-faced bunch," as a reporter caught up with the kids to gauge their reactions to "actual" summer heat.

First up: 12-year-old Luke Mallinger of Juneau, who didn't mind sharing his insights. He told The Press-Enterprise that although he "was expecting the heat," he was not expecting 110-degree heat. Young Mallinger added, "You just go out to throw and you start sweating!"

Since they hail from Alaska's notoriously cloudy, rainy capital city, the young players may be unaware of the dangerous yellow sky orb. But the team's adult keepers are well aware. They assured the Press-Enterprise that their kids were wearing T-shirts in the pool and a ton of sunblock on the field.

In conclusion, the Press-Enterprise proudly reports that even after a week of "broiling heat," the Alaskans say they would still come back to Southern California.

For more on these brave, young souls read the full story here.

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