Subsistence whalers in Alaska and elsewhere are in the crosshairs at this week's International Whaling Commission meeting in the Channel Islands, according to RedOrbit. Jessica Lefevre, attorney for the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission, has said the Eskimo whalers plan to begin the process of arguing for a renewal of their quota. That's 67 strikes annually for five years. She said the commission won't set the renewal until next year, but she and others expected strong political headwinds at this year's meeting. One fear among the commission is that opponents will capitalize on the recent federal indictment brought against its former director, Teresa Judkins, for allegedly stealing from the commission. Judkins' arraignment is set for July 20 in Anchorage. The commission has taken measures to prevent future problems. The whaling commission's 63rd annual meeting started Monday and is scheduled to end Thursday.