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Anchorage profiled as urban snowboarding hot spot

  • Author: Craig Medred
  • Updated: September 27, 2016
  • Published August 15, 2012

You've probably seen them around town before. Rag tag groups ranging in size; sometimes two, sometimes 20, but always with a video camera and arms full of "plank." They're called snowboarders. And last winter they reportedly took the city of Anchorage by storm.

The August addition of Snowboarder (SB) Magazine, currently on newsstands around the city passively declares Alaska's largest city the jibbing capitol of the United States. (Note: if you need to know what "jibbing" means click here.)

In the SB magazine article, "Dropping Anchorage," local legend Jesse Burtner outlines the gloriously snow-blessed 2011-2012 season from the perspective of the urban jibber. According to Burtner, last year's record breaking snowfall, combined with an exotic location and a rather dry winter season in the Lower 48 states created the "perfect storm" for Anchorage urban jibbers. The unusual trifecta attracted "at least 12" different film crews from around the U.S. and Canada to our neck of the woods for the purpose of harvesting shots.

The flocking film crews, including Red Bull TV's "Brothers," jockeyed for footage in Southcentral while locals were left a bit befuddled, often struggling to find their own spots to film. Burtner writes, "in the sometimes-competitive world of the snowboard video, too much information (about where in Anchorage people are filming) can be the fastest-acting paralyzer." He adds, "So we sat ... lamenting the lack of easy film spots ... how did we get here? How did this happen? Why is Anchorage the new Salt Lake, (Utah)?"

To find out the answer to Burtner's question, pick up a copy of Snowboarder Magazine. For more on Anchorage jibbers and local snowboard projects, visit Butner's blog here.

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