According to the Edmonton Journal, an Inuit hunter in Canada's High Arctic may have harvested an extremely rare grizzly-polar hybrid bear on the sea ice near Victoria Island. The only confirmed "pizzly" bear was shot in 2006. Photos of the new specimen aren't being released to the public yet, but game officials who have seen them say some of its features, like its ears, head and claws, distinctly resemble a brown bear, yet its coloring seems to be polar-bear white. Basically, they say it looks like a really, really blonde grizzly bear, but they have doubts about that because it's considered too early for grizzly bears to come out of their dens in the area. The hunter is making no statements, but he believes that the bear will prove to be a true hybrid. Either way, the mystery will persist until a DNA test has been completed, likely later this week. Read much more, here.