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Fight over April Anchorage vote continues

  • Author: Katie Medred
  • Updated: September 27, 2016
  • Published May 22, 2012

Tuesday is the night the Anchorage Assembly will vote to recertify the results of the April 3 municipal election. According to KSKA 91.1 FM, election board members will answer questions from assembly members, but there will be no public testimony.

Although the hand count of Anchorage ballots is done, the fight is not over. A 10-voter group responsible for the recount plans to release a report on its findings. It will, they stress, detail the numerous errors suffered during the election and the do-over vote count.

A member of the group, Mel Green of Bent Alaska, writes the following:

We’ve gathered up lots of evidence in the past few days, and we’ll be preparing a report based on it. We hope to present to the Anchorage Assembly and to retired Alaska Superior Court Judge Daniel Hensley, the independent investigator with whom the Assembly has contracted to conduct an investigation of the April 3 election. We have at least requested that we be able to present our report, at the Assembly’s June 5 meeting: see letter below [A letter to Chairman Ernie Hall from Hal Gazaway outlining some of the 10-voter’s report findings] We have yet to hear from Assembly Chair Ernie Hall whether that request will be honored — or whether, as at both the May 3 and tonight’s Assembly meetings, public testimony about problems with the very process that supposedly ensures democracy will be officially verboten.

Read Hal Gazaway's letter here.

Green and other members of the 10-voter group will make the report available when the numbers have been crunched. In the meantime, anyone concerned with the lack of integrity surrounding the April 3 election and the behavior of the Assembly can join the group Alaskans for Election Integrity on its Facebook page.

Read more here about the recount and the election.

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