A judge in Iqaluit is deciding whether part of a case between Nunavut Tunngavik, the Inuit land-claim organization in Canada's eastern Arctic, and the federal government needs to go to a full trial.

NTI is accusing Ottawa of failing to live up to its obligations under the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement.

Part of that deal required the federal government to create a single agency to track environmental, social and economic changes in Nunavut.

Dougald Brown, a lawyer for NTI, said the judge in the case already has enough evidence to prove that didn't happen so he is asking for a summary judgment instead of full trial.

"It avoids the delay of waiting for a full trial and it avoids the expense of a full trial," he said.

The Canadian federal government is arguing against the motion, which it says can't succeed based on the evidence before the court.