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Juneau eagle causes power outage while losing its lunch

  • Author: Craig Medred
  • Updated: September 27, 2016
  • Published July 6, 2012

Once again in Juneau, a careless bald eagle is being held responsible for a power outage, according to KTOO News.

Such weird outages are commonplace in the Juneau area. Who can forget the time an eagle cut power to 10,000 residents when it crashed into lines carrying a deer head?

On Friday, the outage wasn't as severe. More than 350 Lemon Creek area Alaska Electric Light and Power (AEL&P) customers were without service briefly after an eagle clipped a power line with its talon-locked lunch.

AEL&P spokeswoman Deb Ferreira told KTOO News, "A large eagle was flying over Lemon Creek and in its talons was a 6-inch black rope, with some fish parts attached to one end. It flew a little too close to our lines and the rope and the fish connected with two phases of our line. It caused two bright pops like Fourth of July." Ferreira was sure to note that the eagle was unharmed.

She added: The eagle "flew over to a tree a few feet away from the line and watched carefully wondering how it was going to get its lunch back."

AEL&P workers were quickly dispatched to remove the remains of the eagle's meal, and power was restored in "3 minutes and 16 seconds."

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