The Second Annual Anchorage Weed Smackdown starts 10 a.m. Saturday June 16 at Valley of the Moon Park in midtown. The Smackdown is simple: rip up those pesky invasive species that threaten Alaska's wildlife. On the docket for Anchorage: bird cherry, which is potentially fatal to moose, and reed canary grass, which degrades salmon habitat. Removing these invasive species will allow native plants to re-grow along Chester Creek.

The event will offer prizes and a free lunch, and will happen in rain or shine.

The Weed Smackdown is held annually across the state, with different dates depending on where you live. The event is sponsored by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Forest Service, UA Cooperative Extension Service, and the National Park Service, among others.

More information on Weed Smackdowns across the state is available here.