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Makers of controversial F-22 jet sued in pilot's death

  • Author: Alex DeMarban
  • Updated: September 27, 2016
  • Published March 13, 2012

The widow of an Air force pilot who died on a training run over Alaska is suing Lockheed Martin, the maker of the F-22 Raptor that crashed after its oxygen system malfunctioned, ABC news reports.

The suit, filed in Illinois court this week, also names as defendants Boeing, Honeywell International and Pratt and Whitney, defense contractors involved in the making of the controversial and costly jet that's never seen combat.

Award-winning pilot Capt. Jeff Haney died in November 2010 when his plane crashed in the Alaska wilderness.

Anna Haney's suit claims "Lockheed knowingly sold the U.S. Air Force 'dangerous and defective' planes that did not provide proper life support systems," according to the article, referencing a report by Courthouse News Service.

Other pilots have reported difficulty breathing while flying the F-22 due to its oxygen system.

A Lockheed Martin spokesperson tells ABC News: "The loss of the pilot and aircraft in November 2010 was a tragic event and we sympathize with the family for their loss. We are aware that a complaint that makes a variety of claims associated with the accident has been filed... We do not agree with those allegations and we will respond to them through the appropriate legal process."

An Air Force report blamed the oxygen-deprived Haney for the crash, saying he didn't recover from the dive because he was disoriented and lost focus. Haney's lawsuit also claims the military has awarded Lockheed Martin a multi-million-dollar contract to fix problems associated with the jet's life-support system.

An Air Force spokesman declined to comment on the suit, ABC News reported.

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